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This was a wonderful dish. The first one I attempted in my new crockpot. The flavor was excellent. I forgot to leave out the creme fraiche and needed to drain more of the sauce or maybe even reduce it on the stove to keep all the flavor. I would also reduce the cooking time or chill the chicken as mentioned by peeblyweebly.<br/><br/>I can't wait to make it a second time...it should be perfect!

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Eric R. September 26, 2013

I prepared this dish exactly as written and served it over Never Fail Popovers. This dish was delicious, hearty, and perfect served over hot popovers. I was proud to serve it to my family.<br/>Thank you for posting it on this site.

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Miss Fannie April 23, 2013

I did not follow the instruction to leave the dairy products on the counter for the six hours it took the chicken to cook since that seemed like an invitation for food poisoning. It took nearly half hour to get all the ingredients chopped and ready to put in the crock pot. To slow down the cooking of the chicken to avoid it being overdone/dry, I put my chicken in the freezer for an hour before I put it in the crockpot. I used fresh thyme sprigs. After cooking for six hours, I drained off all but 1/2 cup liquid because there was just so much of it. But even leaving that little amount, after adding the dairy products the resulting sauce was very thin and watery. Although I like flavor combo of leeks and mushrooms this was kind of bland. I added salt, which was not on the ingredient list and that helped but this was still missing something. It was ok and we ate all of it but I don't expect to make this again.

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PeeblyWeebly May 26, 2012

Delicious! I sauteed everything first and had to cook it in a dutch oven as, I had my slow cooker on loan. I did add more salt and pepper. I simmered for about 1.5 hours. My boneless breasts were small though. I may even try tenders next time! The flavors of this dish went perfectly together with the sour and heavy cream.
Served over white rice and had green beans with almonds on the side. I will definitely make this again! Thanks for posting!

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Bellablue August 08, 2011

Good, but like a previous reviewer I was expecting it to have a different flavor for some reason. The creme fraiche was really delicious and easy to make.

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debarra February 12, 2010

This was pretty good, it didn't quite have the flavor I expected though. I would have probably given this 3 stars but DH really liked it so I bumped it up. I cubed my chicken before adding and it only took about 4 hours and even that was a bit too long so be careful with the cook time. I served over buttered egg noodles. Being as DH liked it so much I would probably make again. Thanks for posting!

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KLBoyle August 11, 2009

The flavor was great, but the sauce was soupy and thin. I made it exactly as written, but with a bit less chicken. I could have taken out a cup of the broth before adding the creme freche, and it might have been okay. DH has seconds, but I had to serve it in a bowl. Perhaps if one uses jarred mushrooms as opposed to the gorgeous big fresh mushrooms I had, it might have been just right. Smelled great while cooking!

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Felina February 15, 2009

This was delicious. I made this as stated, exept I used a whole chicken and cut it up, I used the thighs, breast and legs, and put the wigs and the carrcass in the freezer for making stock another time.

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ChrisM October 19, 2008

Great recipe! Wonderfully creamy and flavoursome, and so easy to make. Love all the ingredients in this, and was pleased it called for boneless skinless chicken (I used chicken thighs) as this is what I prefer to use. I anticipated this being a winner, and I was even more delighted with the finished dish than I'd anticipated, so I'll certainly be making this again. The only slight change I made was to use three cloves of garlic (I usually up the garlic!). No need for any other adjustments: after all, the recipe already included wine and mushrooms and leeks and thyme! I confess to having been a tad nervous about leaving the cream out for so long, so I settled on leaving it out for about half of the cooking time. Excellent idea, so that you are not adding a cold ingredient right at the end of the cooking time. And to make room for the cream, as *Parsley* observed in an earlier review, DO heed instruction 7: removal of 1/4 cup of cooking juices! Mine weren't discarded: I added them to my cat's dinner, along with a sample of the chicken dish - so he was happy too! Made for the tag game EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY!Thanks for sharing a super recipe, littleturtle!

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bluemoon downunder August 05, 2008
Crock Pot Chicken With Mushrooms and Leeks (Low Carb)