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By Indian cooking standards, this recipe delivers an authentic taste. Both myself and my Indian wife were quite pleased with the results, although by personal preference I'd recommend a couple of changes: cut down the vinegar, add a little brown sugar, and add some salt. This one's a winner in our household!

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Replicator April 29, 2002

great flavor!!! sure DOES have an authentic Indian taste; i doubled the recipe, added about 3 or 4 tablespoons of brown sugar and less vinegar as previously suggested...also added a pound of peeled baby carrots and browned a whole cut-up chicken instead of using chicken breasts...next time i will add mushrooms...it's on my "favorites" list

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em... June 25, 2002

Ohh! This was soooo good! As Replicator suggested, I cut the vinegar down, and added salt to the dish. I also added extra curry and cumin, as well as extra cayenne. I will make this again! (and again, and again, and AGAIN!) Thanks for a great recipe!

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canarygirl July 25, 2002

I could give you 500 stars for this, Najwa! I got around to making this this afteroon in a skillet on my stove top. I used a 1kg 400 gm chicken(cut into pieces), 1 1/2 tbsps. vinegar, 4 tbsps. brown sugar, 6 cloves garlic, 3/4 tbsps. + 3/4 tbsps. curry powder, 2 tbsps. cumin seeds(powdered), 1/2 tsp. green cardamoms(powdered), 1/2 tsp. red chilli powder, 1/2 tsp. cloves(ground), 2 tbsps. mustard seeds, 2 tbsps. oil, 1 cup Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 1 cup water, 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 medium onions(chopped)and corriander leaves for garnishing. How I made my chicken: I heated oil in the skillet. Then, I tossed in the onions and stir-fried them till brown in colour. Then, I added the freshly prepared paste and brown sugar(I didn't use oil to make the paste as I'd already used it to stir-fry the onions; hence, leaving aside oil, I used all the other ingredients as mentioned in your recipe to make paste) and stir-fried it for 8-10 minutes on low-medium flame. Next, I added in the chicken pieces and mixed them well with the paste-onion mixture. Then, I added the tomato ketchup, salt and water. I mixed this all well into the gravy and a beautiful red colour emerged that was so tempting, it made me want to turn into a non-vegetarian! I covered the skillet after mixing in the pieces into the gravy mixture and allowed it to cook on low-medium flame for 40-45 minutes until the chicken was tender and ready to be served. I garnished it with cilantro and served it to my mom and brother with hot white Basmati rice. My brother did full justice to this dish. He had some with white rice, some with rotis and some with bread! My mom enjoyed it thoroughly too with rice and rotis. I'm sure I'll be repeating this very soon! This is a definite keeper recipe! Thank YOU AND YOUR DEAR SISTER, SOOOOOO MUCH, for sharing it!! The quantity of chicken I used made about 4 servings.

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Charishma_Ramchandani October 05, 2002

I think if one enjoys authentic Indian food this is the recipe to try. I couldn't locate any cardamom but that didn't appear to hurt this in any way. Initially I thought that perhaps 1 tbsp of cumin was a bit much, giving it a heady earthy taste but by the end of the dish I changed my mind ... it was just fine. I personally didn't find the vinegar to be excessive as many others did. I served this with none other than Basmati rice and it was well received. I'm submitting a photo in gratitude. Thanks again najwa, by the way canarygirl recommended your recipe to me for my "Slow Cooker Contest".

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HOUSEMANAGER (Charlene) September 05, 2002

A really enjoyable meal. I reduced the vinegar to 2 tablespoons but felt it could be reduced further, perhaps to 1 1/2 next time. I also added some brown sugar as suggested. I served this along with Lhassi #22405 and Kaha Bath (Yellow Rice) #28815 for a lovely Indian style meal.

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dale! July 29, 2002

I cut down amount of vinegar, as suggested earlier, and served it with curried rice (recipe given to me by an Indian friend of mine). It was so wonderful!! Thanks a lot...

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ErOnur September 29, 2002

I made this recipe but used Beef...it was fabulous....I did cut down on the hot pepper a little but thoroughly enjoyed it and the leftovers were fantastic! Thanks

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trick December 13, 2002

I am obsessed with this dish. Luckily, so is my boyfriend. Perfect amount of everything, although I don't really measure cumin b/c I love it that much! I use ground ginger because although I love it that way, I don't love it fresh. Other than that, I make it as is... all winter long.

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JennyLynn99 August 18, 2010
Crock Pot Chicken Vindaloo