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this was very very good!! Chris and I had this for our Valentine's Dinner..thanks for a delicious meal!! The one thing I could say is that I used boneless/skinless chicken breasts, cut it into bite sized pieces (maybe 1" X 1") and it took (at the most) 2 hours to cook on High--I took a piece out and cut it to make sure it was cooked through--the chicken was perfectly moist at the 2 hour mark--so be careful of your cooking time. Again, thanks for a wonderful supper!!~~~~~TERESA

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TGirl,RN February 14, 2003

The guys here LOVED this! I cut the recipe in half and it worked out fine in the crock pot. The only changes I made were to fry up the mushrooms first so that they were a little browned and I added some extra cheese. My husband liked this so much he said it would even be good without the chicken... and he's a BIG meat-eater!!! My only regret is that I cut the recipe in half. They all wanted more!

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yogi June 23, 2003

Unfortunately, the evaporated milk in this dish curdled badly. Maybe the milk should be replaced with a cream of mushroom or chicken soup. The soup can withstand the long cooking time and would also add to the flavor, which was a bit bland in this dish. Overall, I would try it again substituting the milk with a cream soup.

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AllThingsCooking February 20, 2003

Sorry, this didn't come out very well for us. It seemed to me to need something else. It was very flat and had little flavor.

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travelinsally August 20, 2009

This turned out great! I did replace the condensed milk with a can of cream of mushroom and then added a little milk to make more liquid for the pasta to cook at the end. Don't omit the sherry--it adds so much flavor. Thanks for the recipe!

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juliakahn April 30, 2009

I was looking for something to do with 1 1/2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts with other ingredients I had on hand and I wanted it to be done pretty fast. So while I followed the recipe's ingredients, I decided to cook in the oven instead of in the crock pot. Minor changes: I used 2 5-ounce cans of evaporated milk instead of the 1 cup milk plus sherry wine. I created a problem for myself when after I mixed the wet ingredients in with the meat, I couldn't figure out when to add the noodles, so I broke them up and added them to the mix. What a mess it turned out to be, it was a good thing I was using a humongous mixing bowl. Then when I put it all in the baking pan (greased 9x13), I found the liquid wouldn't cover the noodles stuck on top, so I ended up putting in another 5 ounce can evap milk, which still didn't cover completely, but I took my chances. In the end it turned out good and tasty. I think next time I may put the noodles on the bottom then put meat mixture on top and add the liquids. I baked it covered at 350 for about an hour. This was a great recipe...it was very tasty to me and the kitchen smells great. I'm sure it won't last with three hungry guys around. Thanks for the post.

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Southernhopsing April 11, 2009

This didn't work out very well for us, but I left it on low for a longer amount of time than indicated, which meant there was no extra liquid. I think the cream of mushroom/chicken soup is a good idea with extra milk/water.

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ellie_ December 14, 2003
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