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A real winner. Made exactly as stated w/ only one substitution no butter on hand so melted 1/4 cup Smart Balance spread. Worked just fine. I used perhaps a bit more cheese, my slices were approx 4x4 so I used two per breast and overlapped them a bit. Plugged her in at 10am and we ate at 5:30. The chicken was VERY tender. Wonderful on a rainy night. Next time I will add the 3rd cup of stuffing as others have suggested. Thanks for a great and so simple meal. Update: I made this again using Pepperidge Farm stuffing and it came out very mushy. Previously I had used a crouton like stuffing from Mrs. Cubison which held together nicely. The PF was too crushed to begin with for such a long cooking time. Update: Made again for the third time. This time I used healthy request soups and reduced fat swiss cheese. The result was great!

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speschel2000 March 05, 2010

made this many times and my family loves it! I also throw my chicken in frozen, add more stuffing and use chicken broth instead of butter. I true keeper.

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Regina 2U February 14, 2010

I made this almost exactly as written. I had to use bone in chicken as this was all I had and I baked it in the oven because I got a late start and it wouldn't have been done in time for dinner in a crock pot! The chicken was SUPER tender and falling off the bone almost! I baked it covered in a casserole dish in the oven for about an hour and left the cover off and cooked for another 15 minutes to brown up the stuffing. This was great! Very easy and tasted wonderful with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The gravy tasted very homemade and not like "canned soup"! I can't wait to make this in the crock pot. I love using my crock pot and coming home to a cooked meal! Thanks for posting Anne!

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Mary N. July 01, 2010

This was delicious. I did make a couple changes. I have a 3 qt. crock pot. I layered about four quartered baby red potatoes on the bottom of the crock, then added a couple handfuls of baby carrots on top of the potatoes. I then followed the recipe as shown except I used Muenster cheese and Stove Top cornbread stuffing. All this filled my crock pot to the top. For the soups I used Healthy Request & low sodium broth to cut down sodium and fat. Everything came out wonderfully. Very tasty. I'll certainly make this recipe again and again

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wvgrrl April 04, 2009

WOW! This was a HUGE hit with my hubby and 4 year old! So easy - and really yummy! I put the b/s chicken breast in partially frozen...cooked on high for 3 hours and they were PERFECT! Juicy and very tasty! I didnt have two cans of "cream of" soup so I used 1 can of cream of mushroom - and a jar of chicken gravy - and I added about a 1/2 cup of chopped up onion on top of the stuffing. oh..and white american cheese because that's what we had. Again... totally delish and I was told to keep this recipe!

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CandeB March 15, 2010

Had very good flavor. Mine was a little watery. I don't think I needed the entire 6 hours in my crockpot. It did thicken up some after sitting. Will definately try again for a shorter time or possibly add more stuffing. My husband gave it a thumbs up. This is my first recipe from Recipe*zaar. Thanks for such a wonderful site.

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kathy gallagher March 16, 2003

I've made this in the crock pot and in the oven, and I must say that the oven method, to me, was so much better! I changed a few minor things: I used 1/2 c. of broth instead of a cup, and I didn't add milk to the soups for fear of watery gravy, and I added about an extra cup of stuffing! Otherwise, I followed the recipe as written. I covered a 9 x 13 pan with foil, baked at 375 for one hour, removed the foil and baked for an additional ten minutes to allow the stuffing to brown. Just right!

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oldbarn670 February 02, 2012

This was about as tasty as it gets! We all really liked it. Our one very tiny, VERY TINY, complaint that there wasn't enough stuffing. I think I will add more than the 2 cups next time to see if that helps. Swiss cheese gave it just a great flavor. I can't wait to make it again. It's a keeper!

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RazorbackFan May 18, 2010

This was WONDERFUL! I thought the cans of soup would make the gravy taste like... soup. It did not! It was a wonderful magical blend of the seasoning in the dressing and the broth and soup. ONE big change I made that we loved, boneless pork chops instead of chicken. the most tender chops ever! Make sure you use boneless, or you will have to be dodging bones all thru the meal. Another change I made was to leave out the cheese. I did not miss it Also, I put an entire bag of stuffing on top, same amount of butter, yummy .We served this with mashed potatoes on a cold Sunday afternoon. A note on Pepperidge Farm stuffing, some of the bags in my store seemed crushed, and some were in cubes. We liked the sage and onion!

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cheesynei February 21, 2010

diff. brands of soup make it taste diff. but a very good meal for alazy day...

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Mr. Riki Screen March 24, 2001
Crock Pot Chicken, Gravy and Stuffing