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Excellent results! NEVER buy expensive chocolate nut clusters again! EASY to make with this recipe & QUICK if you only consider ACTUAL time needed to make the candy (and not the crock heating time). I have tried other recipe variations to make nut clusters before... most never really got firm to the touch without chilling (or the addition of parafin which I dislike doing)... so I was sceptical and anticipating 3-star results. The recipe is forgiving; I scaled it to one pound (not wanting a huge messy sticky quantity of nut clusters) and did slight rounding of the amounts that resulted. Followed the recipe TIME & technique except after the "cool down" time I turned my crockpot to "keep warm" while the candy was spooned onto the waxed paper. One pound made about 30 pieces (at 2 WW pts each for those counting). Most importantly... they actually harden at room temperature (overnight) and are NOT sticky! SMOOTH texture as it melts in your mouth while eating & a delicious taste rivaling any bought chocolates I can remember (the touch of salt from the salted nuts is a must IMO). Caution: not m&ms... these candies will MELT in your hand if you hold and admire them instead of popping into your mouth to enjoy! Thanks for a KEEPER treat that's so easy to fix, deedee!

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grantg January 13, 2011

Except for the cup of cocktail peanuts you have stolen Mr. Bud's candy recipe. I have been making it for a couple of years and his doesn't call for cocktail. Other wise you have pkut your name on Mr. Buds recipe.

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Della16 December 15, 2013
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