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I did it with the chicken and wasn't that impressed. Gonna try it again with the roast.

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nclpalacios June 08, 2011

For taste, this is definitely a 5 star, but there are some instructions missing so I had to do some guessing. There is no mention of the onion or celery in the instructions so I just put them in the crock pot with the pork butt. I had 2 pounds of meat but did not alter any other ingredient. Fresh from the crock this was quite spicy, but after refrigerating overnight for tonight's dinner, it mellowed & was not at all spicy. I think we'd enjoy this best right in between those two levels so in the future I would add more spices for more meat or if I'm making ahead again. Very easy recipe & it smelled delicious all day! We served it tonight with flour tortillas, chopped tomato, green onion, lettuce, sour cream, salsa & 4-cheese Mexican blend. I loved that the meat did not dry out like past recipes we've tried. Thanks for sharing, Rachael! Made & enjoyed for the Fall 2009 PAC-O.

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**Tinkerbell** October 11, 2009
Crock Pot Burrito Meat