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Yet another ingenious use for the good old crockpot! I used a slightly stale loaf of Italian bread and made my crumbs in the blender and left in some chunks for texture. I omitted the rasins but kept the banana. I was worried it would be too mushy, but it came out fine! The next time I make this, I'm going to brown some apples in a fry pan in some butter and add those. Thanks s'kat for sharing this!

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yooper September 26, 2002

I used hearth baked bread instead of bread crumbs because I wanted a more soid pudding. Everything worked well except I believe the High setting for over 6 hours was too long for my crockpot because the edges all around burned. However if yu cut the edges off everything turned out just fine.

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Bill Lawton October 21, 2002

I omitted the banana, raisins and substituted some day-old (cubed) French bread for the breadcrumbs. This took me about 3 hours on the high setting. This was my first attempt at bread pudding and the family LOVED it. I also made (Vanilla Sauce) and served it on the side for whomever wanted it a bit sweeter. Yummo! Many thanks, s'kat!

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~Srb~ December 27, 2008

Delicious! 4 hours was sufficient for mine, and I doubled (approx) the recipe. Make sure to spray the crock pot really, really well, or it sticks like crazy. This is the 3rd or 4th time I've made it. I omit the raisins and bananas and serve with vanilla ice cream. My husband always adds caramel sauce too. My daughter has recently entered a phase where she likes her pb&j with the crusts cut off. So I make her a batch of sandwiches (hint* I stick them in the freezer and pull them out in the mornings for her lunch if I am in a hurry.) Anyway, since I cut the crusts off, I use those instead of breadcrumbs. Funny, she eats all the crusts in the bread pudding...

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darcilew September 01, 2008

I agree that the time is too long. I have an extra large 8 qt crock pot so I can double this recipe. Omitting the banana, upping the egg amount, and keeping the bread in cubes makes for a custard consistency with bites of brownie texture, wonderful. We eat this not just for dessert but also for breakfast.

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Mommykicksbutt April 22, 2008

I am on a mission for all things crock pot! Besides adoring crock pot cooking which I have been doing since age 10, I need to find 'do-able' recipes for my pot for when I return to Morocco to live. If nothing else is shipped ahead, THIS time, my crockpot will be! I used a slightly stale french baguette as we get these in Morocco along with standard flat khoubz. It was teriffic! I even made a browned sugar (we can't get brown sugar) butter sauce just to see and it was nice. This recipe is most definitely a keeper for my Moroccan crockpot recipe file! Thank you!

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Hajar Elizabeth November 25, 2006
Crock Pot Bread Pudding