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This is a great, easy beef stew recipe. It's actually one of the best I have ever had and I've been making beef stew for a while. I love that the sauce was thick. I did a few things different though- I used vegetable broth and I used more than what the recipe calls for. Not sure how much extra I used but after I got it all in the crock pot the juice was not enough so I just poured more broth in until it almost covered everything, then I added a bit more worcestershire sauce for flavor since i had added more broth. ALSO a big change I made was I did not have a bay leaves, and I used rosemary instead..ahhh that made it sooo yummy and it smelled wonderful cooking! The whole time it cooked I was thinking I hope it taste as good as it smells. And it did! YUM. I just added as many whole baby carrots as I wanted and about 4-5 small red potatoes chuncked with skin on, and everything cooked perfectly. This has a wonderful flavor for having so few ingredients and no nasty additives! I served this with yeast rolls (and dipped my roll in the sauce left on my plate :)). Thanks for my new beef stew recipe!

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dr_kaley July 12, 2010

I followed this recipe exactly except that I doubled the potatoes, used baby reds with skin on in fact, I added a bag of frozen mixed veggies, and I substituted sea salt for regular salt. I also added 1/4 teaspoon gumbo file seasoning, but it was still rather bland. Also, there isn't much sauce to it at all so next time I will try to double the seasoning, especially the bay leaf, perhaps add other herbs, and double the beef broth and add a pinch more flour. It's not a bad basic recipe but it wasn't as flavorful as I'd hoped.

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Slow Cooker Isa October 21, 2014

Made this for my boyfriend and he loved it. Doubled almost all the veggies and thickened it a little bit since he likes it more 'hearty'. It came out wonderful. Going into my file of keepers. Will definitely be making this again. Thanks for a simple and delicious meal that's great on a cold night.

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imarunnergirl September 15, 2013

Great basic flavor. I've made this twice and it's been a hit both times. I do make some modifications, I always add cubed turnip and potatoes in addition to the carrots. I did substitute soy sauce as I didn't have any worchestire sauce in the house and it tasted great. I didn't have gravy master, but I think using the potato in addition to flouring the meat made it appropriately thick.

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Dr.JenLeddy November 13, 2011

This was good, I think it still needed a little something. I think if we make it again I might add some rosemary or thyme. I added some extra broth because I wanted to make sure it had enough liquid. We like to sop. :-)

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Margie99 January 20, 2011

This recipe is simple and tasty.

I used what I had on hand at the time: one potato short, extra carrots and celery. I used chicken broth instead of beef broth, added a bit of vegetable oil and a packet of Publix "beef stew seasoning" which I luckily found in the drawer. I left out the salt, paprika, and garlic. It still tasted pretty good. There wasn't a lot of sauce but it was still good.

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gardeninthepocket January 14, 2011

This recipe was very easy to make. I didn't like the flavor very much though. Although my husband liked it quite a bit. I did the recipe by the book except I just added how ever much veggies I thought looked right. It didn't have enough of the soupy sauce, although the little amount that was there was a good thickness.

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Veronna May 16, 2010

This was a nice meal. Very easy to make and the flavor was excellent. I made this with a nice green salad and Beer Bread. About the only change I will make next time is to cook the meat alone for a couple of hours before adding my veggies. The potatoes pretty much disintegrated. It was still really good though. Very filling meal!

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TXHomemaker March 14, 2010

Very easy and great flavor! I added leftovers I had in the fridge so I cleaned out the fridge and made a great easy dinner. Jewell

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jkleege November 25, 2009

Thank you tootyflooty- you have given me such a gift; a full stomach, a huge smile, and happy husband! I did not have any bay leaves on hand, so I added parsley and thyme instead and it was delicious! However, it did turn out a little thicker than I had planned, so next time I'll just add more beef broth. Thanks again!

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TheHappyChef September 28, 2009
Crock Pot Beef Stew