Crock Pot Beef Marrakesh

Total Time
8hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 8 hrs

Absolutely beautiful tagine (slow cooked) beef with fragrant Moroccan spices, sultanas and apricots. If you don't usually stock these spices, make the effort to get them, definitely a family favourite for all ages in our home. The original recipe calls for 4 teas garlic, I prefer one, to allow the apricotty sweetness to remain. Personally I think it would be a pity to not include the sultanas or dried apricots as it adds visual interest, texture and definitely flavour! Can be served with couscous and roasted capsicum, garnish with toasted almonds if liked. This recipe comes from the Family Health Network, Australia.

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  1. Heat a little oil in deep sided pan on high, fry onion until browned. Remove and put aside.
  2. Heat a little more oil on high, brown beef in small batches, removing each batch before adding the next.
  3. Toss into crock pot beef, onion, and remaining ingredients, stir to combine. I like to include a cup of dried apricots.
  4. Cook on low all day, 8 to 10 hours until fork tender. Season to taste. Serve over rice or with couscous and veggies. Savour!


Most Helpful

Fabulous tagine! Made as directed, including the 1 cup of dried apricot. Very sweet and earthy tones. I highly recommend serving with basmati rice. Also, to save a dish, I "removed" the cooked onion and beef to the crockpot itself! Just seemed the thing to do! Thanks, RubberDucky AU! Made for PAC Spring 09.

mersaydees March 30, 2009

This was very good! I have heard of something similiar made with red meat and apricots so I was intrigued enough to try this. Much to my surprise my whole family liked it. I did not add the additional dried apricots but next time I will. I was afraid that the added dry fruit in addition to the sultanas would make it to sweet. But the Moroccan spices countered the apricot nectar and made this more savory than sweet and I like contrasting flavors in a main dish. I did convert the kg. to American ounces to make sure I had the amount of meat correct for the amount of spices and 3.3 pounds is a lot of meat but while my family of 8 usually eats about 2.5 pounds of beef at one meal they polished this off in one meal! The sauce did not strike me as thin. It was similiar to au jus and went well with rice pilaf.

bshemyshua January 30, 2007

I'll make this again, and re-rate, but for now, I have to only give 2 stars. I did use a bit less beef, and DH hates dried fruit/currants, so I left out the dried apricots and sultanas. I used the amount of spice noted, even though I had less beef, because we like lots of spice/flavor. Even still, there is really something missing. We cannot figure out what it is, but there is surely something not there. I even had added red chili powder and salt....still, lacking. I'll try it again, after researching what I can do to make it better. Still, it's a good recipe to build upon.

MrsMM January 24, 2007

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