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This recipe is so easy and so good! It has a rich, full flavor and everyone wanted seconds. Think I'll double it the next time.

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mmouse13 March 30, 2009

FINALLY! A recipe that doesn't have stewed tomatoes or tomato sauce or paste! This was a great recipe and we enjoyed it with some fresh rolls. It really hit the spot on a chilly fall evening!

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QueenJellyBean September 25, 2008

I used Sysco beef stock, 3 tsps to 6 cups of water for beef stock and 1/2 tsp celery seed to add to the recipe.I also chopped the celery leaves very fine. There was no need to use the tsp. of salt. Delicious! No mess, no fuss recipe. Thanks for posting!

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Montana Heart Song January 20, 2007

I have begun taking a night class once a week and, therefore, have begun making dinner in the crockpot for my DBF who would eat the first junk he came across if left to his own devices. This was the selection for week 2 and we were both very impressed. It only took about 15 minutes to throw into the pot this morning and it was ready for him when he got home from work. I added about a 1/2 tablespoon of Italian seasonings this morning and he threw in some frozen peas about 15 minutes before he ate. DBF had 3 bowls (!) which means he really liked it (usually he only has 2 servings ;-) ) and I am having a bowl right now. His was more of a soupy consistency but, after having sat for an extra 4 hours waiting for me to get home, the barley has soaked up a large portion of the broth to give it an almost stew-like texture. I definitely recommend this! Make sure regular pearl barley is used instead of quick-cooking barley though, or you may end up with the stew version after only 6 hours of cooking. :-)

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ksduffster January 19, 2007

This was so easy to put together, even my husband could do it! When I got home, he quickly asked if the house smelled good..and it did..and the taste was just as good. It was really nice to come home to a hearty meal on a chilly night!

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LiisaN November 05, 2003
Crock Pot Beef Barley Soup