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Have been making this for years as "Calico Beans" and you can do it in the oven too. About 45 min. at 350. Yes, drain the beans.

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Barb Conley January 30, 2004

What a fantastic baked bean recipe. My family is used to pork and beans but we all liked the different kinds of beans mixed together. A yummy blend of flavors in the sauce. Super easy to make and saves your oven for cooking other things. I am going to make this again for Super Bowl Sunday along with BBQ brisket. Thanks Diggy.

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FruitLoop January 30, 2004

These are delicious beans. I made them for my DGS's birthday party and they were a HUGE hit. the bacon and the beef make this dish hearty and filling. I especially like the garbanzo beans in this.

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mommyoffour May 28, 2013

I have been making this dish for years, both in the oven and crock pot - either way it turns out great. Have also heard this called Rancho Baked Beans and Old Settlers' Baked Beans but no matter what you call it, it is always a hit. I prefer it with the beans drained (except the pork and beans - I use the juice with those). With the burger and bacon, this is definitely a meal in itself - wonderful "cowboy food!" If you're lucky enough to have any leftovers, this dish reheats beautifully and actually tastes even better the next day.

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LuvMy66Vette July 03, 2012

These baked beans were delicious! I wasn't sure how the lima beans would be so I subsititued them with another can of pork and beans. I also did not have chili sauce so substituted 1/2 a cup of hot sauce and 1/2 a cup of BBQ sauce and added a dash of both cinnamon and all spice. They turned out amazing! Were slightly spicy with the hot sauce but a good spice. If you are preparing this dish for kids, I would half the amount of hot sauce you add. Again, delicious! Can't wait to make these again!

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agrubb15 July 02, 2012

These beans are incredible! I had no lima beans, so I used two cans of the pork & beans. Everything else was as directed. So easy and so tasty! I will be making these for lots of potlucks and cookouts. Thanks!

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Rottmom August 16, 2009

Wonderful bean dish! Add a salad and you're done! The ease and flavour of this recipe send it straight to my "beans" cookbook.I made some minor adjustments out of necessity: substituted black beans for the lima, used a bit of barbecue sauce to top up the chili sauce, reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup, and switched the ratio of ground beef and bacon, using more ground beef. It seems like a lot of changes but I think they were minor changes and didn't change the flavour. Love the mustard and vinegar! Thanks for a keeper, Miss Diggy!

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Cookin-jo January 17, 2008

I doubled the beans,sugar, ketchup, mustard, viengar not onion or chili sauce, ditched the ground beef,only added a few strips of bacon fried and crumbled and I thought they were very tasty. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them at my get together. A real keeper! UPDATE:they get even better when they sit overnight and are reheated. This is a great recipe. If you add the beef then you would have a meal in one! Thanks!!

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beth August 21, 2007
Crock Pot Baked Beans Bananza