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This is a great dip. Even the people who said they "do not like artichokes" LOVED this dip. They were so surprised when I told them. A nice quick appetizer when you are short of time. Thank you Diggy, for sharing this great appetizer. :-)

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Merlot November 22, 2002

This was a very good appetizer! We really liked the addition of the mozzarella. We had this on a cold, rainy Saturday night with cold beer and a fire in the fireplace. Great food & great atmosphere! Thanks for the recipe!

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Denise! October 31, 2002

WOOOOW!!! YUUUUMMM!!! I made this exactly as the recipe except for adding a 10 oz. package of fozen chopped spinach. This dip was better than the spinach artichoke dip you get in restaurants 'cus you can have as much as you want with out paying for another order.

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Madi January 17, 2003

I made this last night to watch The Golden Globes. I made half the recipe and added about 4 oz. chopped spinach. I put it in the oven at 350 for about 30 min. (My crockpot was in use) This was a little too long or too hot as it browned on the top. Also next time I would use less mozarella as it was a little stringy. I spread it on Triscuits. Delicious!

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surus January 20, 2003

Super simple recipe. And so delicious! I added a few more things I had on hand: frozen chopped spinach, a little chopped onion, more artichoke and more garlic. Thank you so much Miss Diggy!

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Jen A. September 12, 2014

I made this to serve at my shop. It is nice to treat customers to appetizers and wine once in a while. I used monterey jack cheese instead of the mozzarella because I didn't have any, and canned Parmesan. It was very salty for my taste and I like salty food. I think I might have liked it better if I left the hearts just as they were from the can and not chopped them. If it werent for the occasional outer leaf I wouldn't have known there were artichokes in it. I also used the liquid from the artichokes since others said it was to thick. It was a pretty stinky dish while heating up in the crock pot. I used a liner in the crock pot so It was easy to save the leftovers and we reheated them up in the microwave a few days later. I served it with seasoned crackers and celery sticks. I liked it best with the celery. My customers did like it. If I make this again I will heat it in the microwave first so the smell hopefully wont be so strong and I will try adding the spinach as suggested and I wont add the liquid from the artichokes in case that was why it was so salty. Overall it was a good dip, easy to make and impressed my customers, they kept asking "what is this?" and were surprised when I told them.

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WildWaysPaige February 03, 2008

As another cook suggested I added a package of spinach and increased the amount of mayonaise. It turned out great and my vegetarians couldn't leave it alone til it was almost gone. (they barely had an appetite left for the main course). I'll definitely be making this one again. I served this with a sliced french baguette.

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FoodFromSicily January 02, 2008

Delicious! People raved about it! They couldn't believe how easy it was. I love my slow cooker. I add more mayo because it is a little thick. Goes great with pita or pita chips, fresh french bread, etc.

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mniznik March 04, 2007

It is a bit thick but it works great with the Scoop Tortilla chips. I love the artichoke hearts!

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Sue.F February 09, 2007
Crock Pot Artichoke Dip