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This is delicious apple butter! I used 5.5 lbs granny smith apples, 4c sugar, and 3t apple pie spice. I cored the apples but left the skin on. I chopped them in my food processor, stired in the sugar and spice, and cooked on high for 1 hr. Then I turned my crockpot down to low and went to bed. 8 hours later, it was done! I put it in my food processor to get a smooth texture and returned it to the crockpot to thicken on high for 1 hr. PERFECT apple butter! Processed for 10 minutes. I will make more for gifts!

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msteacher65_10520959 June 07, 2011

This is delicious, very easy to make since hubby peeled the apples. The entire family said 10 stars would be the correct rating for this recipe. Thank for sharing a great keeper.

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P.J. September 12, 2010

Great recipe! I used only Macintosh Apples. After reading the other reviews, I decided to go ahead and cut back on the sugar. I doubled the amount of apples. I used 10 lbs. of apples, with only 4 cups of sugar. I kept the spices doubled following what the recipe called for. If I had used a more tart apple, I would have used the sugar called for. I have given it away to family and friends and they love it too!

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bartswife September 18, 2010

I used a mixture of Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, and Braeburn apples. I didn't have a problem with it being too sweet, as some other reviewers stated. I think the trick is to mix tart and sweet apples. After cooking on low overnight, I ran it through the blender to break down the remaining apple chunks. Returned it to the crock pot until it thickened. It smelled wonderful and tastes great! I canned it using a hot bath method, and ended up with 4 pints. I'll definately make this again!

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hkcurry June 18, 2010

Made this recipe the other day and WOWZA! it's good! But don't be fooled into putting 4 cups of sugar in-- that's WAAAAYYY too much and I have quite the sweet tooth. I only put 2 cups in and it was pretty darn sweet-- I can only handle a few tablespoons of the apple butter on my toast. My hubby, on the other hand, downed almost the entire jar in two days. At least he's getting his fiber (I left the skins on then pureed the mix in my magic bullet when it was done). I also used a 5lb bag of Fuji apples, cored them with those cutter thingees (you push down on it and it cuts the apple into slices and cores it at the same time-- you can get it at the supermarket) then I cut those pieces into smaller pieces. I did stir it every few hours, even leaving the top off for a couple hours to get it to not be so liquidy. The house smelled amazing! I also couldn't find any cloves so I used a tsp of nutmeg instead. To can it and seal it (to give one jar away), I used the inversion method. Look it up because it's so much easier than boiling. Just be sure to wipe your jars totallly clean, including the lid and top of the jar because the lid will stick if there's any residue of apple butter on it. Try it! This recipe couldn't be easier!

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MJ Poppyseed April 22, 2010

Just like Grandma used to make but better! The aroma coming from the crock pot was heavenly. I used Golden Delicious and Gaia apples but halved the recipe since I didn't know how much apple butter we would actually eat up. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It feels just like my grandma made it and makes me smile!

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pamela t. March 24, 2010

Oh my GOSH, good! I used a mix of gala and goldens, and left the skins on about half for the fiber and the pectin. The stick blender makes short work of them, so don't worry about getting a mouthful of skins. I couldn't quite fit all my apples into the crockpot, so I had to wait until it cooked down for an hour before dumping the rest in, but it all came together in the end. 2 t of cinnamon was plenty spicy for me so, as with any recipe, I'd say start small and add more to taste. I used 2 c of Splenda and 1/2 c of sugar, and it came out perfectly. This stuff is incredibly delicious, especially the next day after it has had a chance to settle. Highly recommended.

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Erin R. March 14, 2010

Made this butter this past week. It sure does make the kitchen smell good. I know what most of the reviewers say about the sweetness but I wanted to try the recipe myself first without adjusting anything. I had used a mix of gala,delicious, braeburn and granny smith. I cored them and peeled them and cut in chunks to put in my food processor and this worked perfectly. I just mixed everything directly in the crockpot. I had cooked uncovered on low for the hour then turned to Hi for 8 hours and then uncovered for another hour on high. Came out with the perfect consistency for me and what a great flavor. Yes it is on the sweet side, but not overly. I can see how choosing apples can affect this. It came out with such a nice dark brown color too. I had purchased the 8 oz jars to use for these and I made 7 of them. I couldn't find the 4 oz jars which is what I prefer for these kinds of things. Thanks for a wonderful recipe Maro59.

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FrenchBunny April 24, 2010

Good flavor, just like the stuff you buy at the orchards. Used the rest of our apple picking apples and it made quite a bit, had to freeze most of it.

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NellieBellie January 25, 2010

I did not have the cloves on hand but it still turned out beautifully. Thank you for an easy and very pleasing recipe.

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Candy Trap January 01, 2015
Crock Pot Apple Butter