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Didn't have any creme fraiche, so we made some the day before by leaving 1 cup cream + 2T buttermilk on the kitchen counter for the day. Fun little science experiment for the kids to watch it thicken. so the creme fraiche was full fat and the tarragon package i could find was only 19 g, but other than that I followed the directions exactly. The chicken was perfectly cooked, tender and moist w/ an amazing crispy skin. We thought the tarragon was overpowering though. Made for ZWT6--Whine and Cheese.

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helowy May 28, 2010

Oh, yum! This was just amazing. I had never thought to use grapes in savory dishes, but this worked beautifully. The chicken was moist and tender on the outside, with skin so crisp that it crackled when you cut into it. The sauce had the most amazing flavor- tarragon is my new favorite herb! I had to make a couple of substitutions- there was no creme fraiche available, so I used sour cream, and the riesling I had was not drinkable, so I tossed it and used a sauvignon blanc. Overall, this was easy to make, delicious, and will definitely be made again. Thanks for posting an outstanding recipe! Made for ZWT6.

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IngridH May 27, 2010

This is HEAVENLY! The skin puffed up and got so crispy I could have made a meal on it alone, all by itself and myself! (We don't usually eat like this.) But I'm making this for my next dinner party or for special guests!) The sauce was to die for! All that fresh tarragon was wonderful and added such flavor. I could go drink what's leftover! We only have 5 grocery stores in my town and I went to 4 before I could find green grapes, I don't know what's up with that, and my grapes were a bit TART! :) Having not tasted the grapes, I bought a dry Riesling and it was still fabulous! If I would have realized how TART! they were I might have bought a sweeter Riesling, but we are not fans of sweet wines. TRY THIS! You will LOVE it! Oh, I should add that over here they plump up the chickens with some wierd solution and we don't get small ones, but I just cooked it an extra 15 minutes. And the house did get just a little smokey. It was well worth it. If I could give this more stars, I would! Delicious!

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Chef PotPie May 26, 2010
Crispy Roast Chicken With Riesling, Grapes and Tarragon