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I needed a way to use some turnips (I'm more familiar with their greens than the root vegetable itself), and loved how easy and tasty this was. The seasonings are spot-on. I know I'll make this or variations on this again! Thanks!

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nancy.lattimer November 29, 2013

This was delicious, and it's such a great way to spruce up plain potatoes. I made it exactly as stated in the directions, and I will make it again without hesitation. But I think this is one of those recipes that also offers the potential for variety, perhaps adding other vegetables like baby carrots as one reviewer did. But the seasonings were perfect as written, and I won't change that. Thanks, Brenda. We've found a new favorite dish. Made in memory of Janice.

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NorthwestGal October 29, 2010

Lovely combination of veggies. I cut the recipe back to 2 servings, Used new white potatoes and a white turnip. The color contast would have been nicer with the yellow turnip called for in the recipe but the flavor was all there. I cut the oil back to 1 tbsp (half recipe). Took 35 minutes Thanks for the recipe Nick's Mom I hadn't realized that I had already tried and enjoyed this recipe but loved making it again! I threw in some baby carrots from the garden and they went well with the turnips & taters. I used white turnip again (from the garden) Enjoyed the second time around too!

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Bergy September 22, 2007
Crispy Midwest Potatoes and Turnips