Crispy Batter for Fish & Chips

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

A classic. Our whole family will eat fish this way! I like to serve it with steak-cut french fries.


  1. Mix ingredients together.
  2. Dip cod into batter.
  3. Deep fry at 425F until cooked.
Most Helpful

The batter itself is a bog-standard batter, The original way us peasants in the UK have had our fish and chips for hundreds of years. Adding egg and beer and sparkling water is a jumped up 70's chef idea. This is the best way and the true way to have it. The only change I would suggest is to use ICE cold water. Add ice cubes to the water, get it real cold. Sounds crazy but hot oil and the freezing batter puffs it up even more. Also if you are doing an oriental meal and looking for a great starter. Add a teaspoon of Chinese 5 spice and try it with prawns...mmmm

lespearson January 11, 2011

I've spent weeks off and on looking for a good simple batter without eggs and beer and specialty flour and sparkling water etc. Definitely not one using Bisquick. I like to do everything from scratch. Not a "box" kind of girl. A recipe that truly was crispy and stayed crispy throughout the entire meal. This recipe was so simple I doubted it would work, but low and behold it did. Light, crispy, beautiful golden colour and good flavour. I made it a little too thick but that was my fault. I didn't quite add enough water. Despite my booboo, the batter remained crispy not pudgy or soggy throughout the entire meal and bits of batter were still crispy as we cleaned off the dinner plates for washing . I cooked this at 376 as that is the highest my fryer goes. Also used freshly changed vegetable oil.

Thanks so much. I was getting tired of experimenting with every recipe out there. :O) Should be nice on Onion Rings as well.

Chef Ripley November 08, 2010

Awesome batter! Amazing that such a simple recipe can work so good! After trying many times to make a batter that stays crispy, and doesn't fall off the fish, I finally found it... Thanks Alot!

Symansez February 27, 2012