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My 11 year old son and I made this fun recipe together using radishes from the farmers' market. While it is a labor intensive recipe (the slicing, the turning, the oven-babysitting) we can't say enough good things about the TASTE! What a revelation! Something magical happens in the oven, and we scarfed these up in no time. We had a mix of some crispy/some not crispy but it hardly mattered. Thanks for posting this memorable recipe - we would certainly make it again!

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vrvrvr September 23, 2012

I loved these! They were tasty as is & great as a salad topper. A good trick is to zap them in the microwave first to get out some excess moisture, then blot them down before placing them in the oven. I'll definitely be making these again.

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Chef amfox December 01, 2009

Wow!! What a great way to get in your salty snack without all the calories!! I'm on the HCG diet and I'm not a fan of raw radishes - at all! But like this, they're so much better!! I added some spices for variety and they're awesome!! Why doesn't a commercial company make and sell these?!?! My sister, who hates vegetables, even liked these! =) They weren't real crispy, perhaps I didn't cut them thin enough... or could have baked them a little longer, but they were still great and didn't taste like you expect radishes to taste (at least, in their raw state). Highly recommend trying this!! =)

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Cassachusetts December 25, 2011

These were pretty good, what a surprise! I got a bunch of radishes in my farm box and was wanted to find something different to do with them so I searched for radish recipes and this one came up. I used my mandolin cutter and I think the thinnest setting worked the best. I might reduce the temperature and cook them longer to get them perfect if I made them again. So interesting!

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querian June 24, 2012

These are pretty good. they were far from done in the oven by the time they were suppossed to be done. so I bought out the food dryer and transfered them there. Forgot about them overnight and by morning they were CRISPY. They shrunk up so it made about 1 handful. Taste-wise...not what I expected...in a good way. I will make these again and take the time to use the food dryer.

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twistedsisterl January 25, 2010

I tried this last night and like others I had a hard time getting them crisp without burning them. There was a lot of moisture, especially after you wash them and add the salt. I bought 2 packs of Radishes and made them all. They really shrink and become pretty small. Next time I will get the Japanese style so we have a bigger chip. I used onion powder with the salt and pepper, they were tasty, and we did eat them all. I tried cooling them on a wire rack but they just got soft, so I think it’s better to eat them right out of the oven. I never have chips in the house, so this was a nice change for a snack after dinner.

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Rose G. September 09, 2009

These are sooo good - and healthy. Next time I'll use a slicer to keep the slices uniform in size as the thinner ones burned a bit and the thinker ones weren't as crisp as they should be. Can't wait to start experimenting with other veggies. How about yams, parsnips.....? Bet they're better than Terra chips which are fried and expensive

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veggienut February 28, 2008

These are awesome! I first tried them with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. The 2nd time I lightly brushed the chips with sweet chili garlic sauce. The sauce made them wetter so they had to stay in the oven awhile longer, but the end result was soooooo worth it. :) The sauce kind of caramalized and made a nice coating and the chips crisped up well. I flipped them part way through cooking and brushed the other sides too so they'd cook evenly. Anyone on low carb or those who are eating healthier needs to try this recipe!!! A perfect, yummy snack.

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Prarie Dawn February 27, 2008

The taste was okay, but they didn't stay crispy for long at all and they shrink. Not worth it in my opinion.

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FlamingFlipflop October 31, 2012
Crispy Baked Radish Chips (Low Fat/Low Carb)