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I used this recipe to deconstruct my http://www.food.com/recipe/parmesan-crusted-tilapia-olive-garden-copycat-157080 recipe. This fish turned out fantastic; flakey on the inside and crisp on the outside. I used panko breadcrumbs, which I think helped with the crispiness. I served this on top of the other components of the recipe: alfredo noodles topped with roasted vegetables. It was outstanding!

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Cook4_6 January 17, 2011

The fish were pretty tasty. I used Panko crumbs to coat the talapia as suggested by another review. I had to sprinkle more oregano after dipping as the oregano wouldn't stick to fish. After 10 min. of baking the talapia were not at all brown, so I cooked another 5 min. & then put under broiler to brown. I probably should have put under broiler after 10 min. as my fish were a tad dry.

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rjoyce1 January 23, 2012

Made this tonight with Striper. I went ahead and mixed the Parmesan cheese in with whole wheat panko bread crumbs and I think that worked well. Recipe didn't specify what to do with the additional 1 tsp olive oil, so I drizzled it on the top before baking. Overall, very good, and I would make this recipe again.

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RAK #2 July 05, 2010

Great meal and pretty darn healthy. Great flavor for something this very quick and easy. I am so glad I saved this recipe!! I would hate to lose it!

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fmod97 March 23, 2008

This has a great taste, a bit on the dry side. I did squeeze lemon juice on it and that helped. Also it gave a nice tang to the fish. Very easy and quick to prepare. A great dish to fix after a busy day. Thanks mosma for posting.

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teresas March 14, 2008

This was just wonderful! Healthy, simple and quick. What more could you ask for? Oh and it tastes good too! :lol: The sauce makes enough for double the amount of fish, so next time, I will make more. We didn't really have enough (tilapia) this time. Didn't use the lemon slice, but tried a bit of Avocado Butter on it. I didn't feel that the oregano was staying on the fish, so I sprinkled more on after the dipping and it ended up a little strong on the oregano, but not strong enough to make it discouraging. Great dish and a keeper. My fish lovers (8 and 4 yos) gobbled it up. Thanks Mosma!

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WI Cheesehead September 16, 2007
Crispy Baked Fish