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This really is an easy and flavorful chicken recipe. I used 4 big thighs and seasoned them on a dinner plate, using all of your suggested spices and low sodium soy sauce. Just as I was about to put them in the oven, we were invited out to dinner...so I covered them with plastic wrap and stuck them in the fridge. They marinaded all night and we had them for lunch today. OMG they were fabulous! I baked them on a rack on a foil lined cookie sheet at 375 for one hour. They came out so crispy, juicy and tender. This one goes into my regular rotation for sure. Thank you for posting PSU Lioness.

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Deely November 06, 2012

Here's why I think this recipe is fantastic & worthy of 5 stars: the crispy skin! I have been learning a new dish almost everyday, & have tried a lot of chicken dishes. I have also tried the original recipe this was modified from, & thought that was tasty as well, but this dish blows that dish away, if I may be so bold. It smells delicious even before you put the dish in the oven, and the skin wasn't burnt, but crisped to perfection (some people, like my husband, get grossed out by the skin, but if you're with me you'll understand!). The meat was also falling off the bone & moist. My husband loved this recipe and gave an eager thumbs up when I asked if I should keep this recipe in our menu. Thank you PSU Lioness!

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chef amelia bedelia January 01, 2013

I am not a huge fan of dark chicken meat - but had leg quarters in a meat CSA- this was absolutely fabulous!!! I don't eat the skin either - but the meat was to die for - trying not to over eat - but this recipe makes it hard. I followed as directed. I thought it would be too salty - I am not a huge salt person, but it was perfect (I used low sodium soy sauce)>

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runnergirl1 June 24, 2013

Excellent and simple!
I'll skip the dill next time I think, but we're just not a big an of it, so if you like Dill, don't change a thing!

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Alicia Lyn April 29, 2012

I made this chicken for my family and they loved it. Leg quarters were very flavorful with a nice colorful crispy skin. Preheat oven to 375 and cook for one hour uncovered ( baste at least once halfway thru), increase oven temperature to 400 degrees, basted chicken again and cooked uncovered for another fifteen minutes for crispiness. I did check my chicken with a meat thermometer for 165 degree doneness at the thickest part of the leg quarter by the leg thigh area. Removed chicken quarters from oven and let the chicken rest for 5/10 minutes to retain juices. Served with Basmati rice, chicken gravy over the rice and peas. Easy recipe for the beginner cook.

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Kerry H. October 15, 2015

Wow! This was my first time cooking chicken leg quarters, which is why I even bothered to look up a recipe. Let me just say, I am SO glad that I did because this was seriously the best chicken I've ever made. The only bad part about it was when it was gone! It was incredibly tender and the skin was so crispy/crunchy and flavorful. I was a little worried about using soy sauce, not because I don't like it, but because that wasn't the flavor I was going for, but it was perfect! It didn't taste like soy sauce once it was cooked. I will definitely be making this again and can't wait to make it for others too!! Thank you!

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bratz55 December 06, 2015

Holy cow, folks. Talk about about an easy and DELECTABLE recipe! I make a lot of chicken, and came across this combo. It's a different flavor profile, so decided to give it a go. Delicious and tender. I quartered potatoes and carrots, tossed with a little olive oil, seasoning salt & pepper, and placed on the bottom of the pan. Then, I prepared the chicken on top of them. I cooked mine at 375 for 45 mins, and it was perfect. I'll make this again and again.

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ltemple99 December 01, 2015

I had to let a couple leg quarters sit to marinate overnight and after taking them out of the oven the next day, I tried to pick one up by the drumstick. All I had was the bone! SO tender, and flavorful, and I don't eat the skin- which was indeed, very crisp!. Bravo!

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dawny-doo June 20, 2013

Loved how this chicken turned out! I just ran out of garlic powder, so I used some different seasonings, but i followed he cooking instructions and it turned out great! The skin was crispy and the meat actually took on the flavor of the seasonings since it was put under the skin. The whole family really enjoyed it!

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christinasworld_84 April 11, 2012

Easy and delicious, even my super picky son loved it! I was hesitant because I'm not a fan of soy sauce, but with the dill they really seem to compliment each other's flavors. This is a winner!

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Donna A. September 29, 2016
Crispy Baked Chicken Leg Quarters (Very Easy, One Dish)