Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 25 mins

This is the only recipe I use to cook chicken breasts. My husband always complained about chicken breasts being too dry, but he likes this recipe because the meat stays juicy and the seasonings give the chicken good flavor.

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  1. In a medium size bowl, combine cereal, flour, salt, dried thyme and poultry seasoning.
  2. Place melted butter in another bowl.
  3. Dip chicken in butter, then into cereal mixture.
  4. Place breaded chicken into a greased baking pan.
  5. Drizzle chicken with remaining butter.
  6. Bake, uncovered, at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until chicken juices run clear.
Most Helpful

We really liked this too! I'm always looking for a coating for oven chicken breasts,that won't dry out the chicken,or have the coating stick to the pan,before you can even have a bite. I made 5, in case my daughter would want another, and she did! So no left-overs here either! Only thing different I did was lightly salt and pepper the chicken before coating,and increased the thyme and poultry seasoning. I didn't have to drizzle with left-over butter, because I used that Reynold's Release stuff,and it turned out great. Thanks a lot - it will be in my list of chicken dishes now! MEP

HEP MEP January 16, 2003

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, Jennifer! I originally planned on using mayonnaise instead of the butter (because it's the only way i've ever had moist baked chicken), but at the last minute decided to try the recipe as written first. I'm so glad i did! All three of us really enjoyed it. My husband just kept repeating how moist it was. But, the 5 star rating comes from the fact that it was the first time in a very long time that we didn't have any leftover chicken! This recipe was incredibly easy, and fun too! The rice krispies would make fun popping sounds when i would check the meat for doneness. My son looked at me funny when he saw me rolling chicken in rice krispies instead of bread crumbs, but he doesn't think it's so weird now!

**Tinkerbell** December 16, 2002

This is a delightfully easy chicken breast recipe. It comes out sinfully moist and tender. Note: I used "Special K" as the cereal and it worked just fine. Mickey

Mickey5 December 30, 2002