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I've made these potatoes several times since I first tried them in 2007.And they are just as good as they were then. : ) And since my photography skills have gotten better since then, I thought that I would do the recipe justice by posting a better photo. Thank you again for posting and, " Keep Smiling :) "<br/>Original Review:Dec.30th.,2007All I can say is that these are just so good:)Since there was just myself and SO,I cut this recipe in half and it worked just fine.This will be made again.Thanks for posting,and "Keep Smiling:)"

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Chef shapeweaver � March 19, 2013

I like the principe of this VERY much.. flavoured roast potatoes.. Yum... I also thought the flavour would have been a little more subtle than it was, as in some places where the soup mix (We don't have the Lipton brand)was more concentrated, it was a little overpoweringly salty and although we enjoyed this both DH and I had the dry horrors afterwards and drank lots of water later all evening. (I followed the recipe exactly and didn't use any additional salt at all, in this or in the rest of our meal, as we accompanied this with salmon that had a mustard sauce and asparagus with balsamic vinegar.) I would make this again, but with more potatoes to the same ratio of mix so that the flavour is more evenly spread. I liked the thyme/margoram additions too. Pease see my rating system, a lovely 4 stars for a recipe that I would need to play with further to suit our personal tastes, but which is an excellent starting point. Thanks for posting :)

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kiwidutch December 23, 2006

Made this for Friday Night Dinner. More than 5 stars - superb! Followed recipe exactly and served it with my baked lamb cutlets.

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Wendy's Kitchen May 07, 2006

These were very very good!! I only used 2 tbls of butter and maybe 3 tbls of olive oil...and they were wonderful!! (we love the flavor of thyme!!) Thank you Shidal!!

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katie in the UP April 24, 2006
Crisp Onion-Roasted Potatoes