Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 40 mins

These are the best crepes you will ever have. My husband did not like crepes until he had these. Try them you will love them. If you don't have a crepe pan, don't worry you can still make them in a small pan with low sides.

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  1. Place sugar, flour, salt, eggs, and milk in large bowl; mix together using whisk until well incorporated.
  2. Whisk in warm water.
  3. Add melted butter and whisk again.
  4. Strain batter through sieve (if you don't have a sieve a wire stainer works good also) into a clean bowl, repeat 2 times.
  5. Lightly coat crepe pan with non-stick spray (Pam), heat pan over medium-high heat; once pan is hot pour in small ladle of batter.
  6. Tilt pan and rotate, causing batter to cover bottom of pan (try to do this fast, as the batter cooks fast).
  7. Cook 1 minute over medium-high heat until underside is lightly browned.
  8. Turn crepe over; cook 30 seconds.
  9. Stack crepes on plate and keep warm in warm oven as they are done.
  10. Serve with lemon, jelly, strawberries, or what ever you like.
  11. If looking for something to top your ctepes with this filling is to die for, but you can top them with what ever you like.
  12. 1 cup strawberry, washed and hulled.
  13. 1 cup raspberries washed (you can leave these out and double the strawberries if you don't like raspberries or can't find them).
  14. 2 tbsp syrup (see recipe for syrup below).
  15. 1 tbsp liqueur of your choice (can leave out if you want).
  16. 1 cup whipped cream.
  17. Place strawberries and raspberries in bowl; add syrup and liqueur; marinate 10 minutes.
  18. Gently mix whipped cream with berries.
  19. Recipe for the syrup:.
  20. 1 cup granulated sugar.
  21. 1/2 cup cold water.
  22. Place sugar and water in small saucepan.
  23. Set over medium heat, stir gently and boil until temperature reaches 212°F.


Most Helpful

We LOVE these crepes! I have to admit I've been making these for some time and have finally gotten around to leaving a review... This is a fail safe recipe, I've never strained the batter, with careful incorporation of the ingredients I've never had lumps in the batter. I mix the dry ingredients first, add the milk and water, whisking briskly, drizzle in the butter, then add the eggs. These cook up beautifully, have a wonderful texture and are just delicious!

Diane R February 20, 2011

These were great! My first attempt at crepes and they turned out wonderfully. Recipe was easy and strainging was not a problem in my mesh collander. I stuffed mine with Nutella, bananas and strawberries then topped it with homemade Frangelico whipped cream.

MissyJo August 01, 2010

I just tried this crepes recipe without straining it. Let me tell you, this is the best I have ever made. They were light and delicious. This is definitely a keeper.

bagelboer May 16, 2010

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