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This is incredible!!!! I roasted a mixture of white and sweet potatoes to go with this..Wow!! I cooked the roast at 325 rather than 300 and it was moist and tender. At the end I turned up the temp for about 15 mins. to make sure the top was brown and little crispy. This is a great Ta Da Pork Roast!!

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robbin.oakley December 14, 2004

This roast was beautiful to look at and nicely moist. I used a red bell pepper and it made the roast very colourful. The amount of creole seasoning mixed with the vegetables was just about perfect. I diced and mixed the vegetables to get the vegetable mixture. At first I thought I had too many veggies, but I made really deep slices in the roast and stuffed them all in. It really did work nicely. Thanks, Melanie.

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*Pixie* September 29, 2005
Creole Pork Roast