Total Time
Prep 1 hr
Cook 3 hrs

As old as the swamps in Louisiana, this recipe predates the title pot roast! This is the most wonderful tasting pot roast you'll ever try. Worth every minute of the work! I have such fond memories of my grandmother creating this magic in her kitchen and her entire house filled with the heavenly aroma. For the Creole seasoning, I use Emeril's with half the salt and then watch the amount of salt and pepper you add depending on the amount already in your Creole seasoning.

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  1. Season the roast with the Creole seasoning.
  2. Make slits in the roast and insert the garlic.
  3. In a 5 qt Dutch oven heat the ¼ cup of the oil.
  4. Over medium heat brown the roast on all sides.
  5. Reduce the heat to low and continue to cook, covered, while preparing the roux.
  6. *If roast sticks, add ¼ cup water.
  7. In a separate heavy pot heat the remaining oil.
  8. Add the flour, stirring constantly, over medium heat until the roux is the color of chocolate.*Take care not to burn the roux. Stir constantly!
  9. Reduce the heat to low and add the onion, bell pepper, celery, and green onion and cook until they are limp.
  10. Stir in the tomato sauce and cook for 10 minutes.
  11. Add the wine and 1 cup water slowly to the roux.
  12. Add the parsley, bay leaves, sugar, salt, and pepper to the tomato sauce mixture.
  13. Pour the sauce over the roast.
  14. Simmer slowly on top of the stove for 2-3 hours, or until the roast is very tender.
  15. Add more water if needed.
  16. Season again and serve.
Most Helpful

This is the daube I was raised on! Or close to it. Coming from a New Orleans Italian family, the sauce was a bit different. But I tried this version and simply loved it! (I still remember getting "Italian" daube from Tony's Spaghetti House in the French Quarter!)

spicuzzag April 28, 2015

Loved this, the flavors where awesome - I used Creole Spice Mix for the creole spice and it was great. DH & I really enjoyed the blend of flavors. I did cook this in the crock-pot for ease. Served it over steamed rice. Thanks for the excellant directions on making the roux - I've never done that before and probably would have stopped way to soon if you hadn't put in the neat hint "looks like chocolate" now I know what a roux really is.
As an update to this, I wanted to come and let you know that this has become a favorite of ours and still make it often. Still using the crock pot and this time instead of using tomatoe sauce, used canned tomatoes (that's what I had) and it is still so very good.

Bonnie G #2 November 07, 2011

Wonderful! A great first day of autumn meal that made plenty of delicious gravy that I served over mounds of homemade mashed potatoes. The roux took about 30 minutes to turn a dark brown color, the roast took about 4 hours to reach well-done which is how we like our chuck roasts. It was tender and the garlic gave a very nice subtle flavor without being overwhelming like some recipes can be. I thickened the gravy slightly right before serving. DH and I both give this Creole Daube a big thumbs up! Thanks Trinkets!! Made for the Ragin' Cajun photo tag event in the Photos Forum.

BecR September 23, 2009