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This cake is easy to make, it is very moist and has a nice light minty taste. The cake is kind of strange as you pour the yellow cake mix in the bottom of the bundt pan then the chocolate on top of that. But as it bakes it does a flip-flop the chocolate goes to the bottom of the pan and the yellow has now turned to a light green and is on the top of the pan. I had to use twice as much powdered sugar so it would stay on the cake. The amount of frosting this makes would be enough for two cakes. Before I forget you need to state in the ingredients that it is green crème de menthe that is used. I had poor DH go to town to get me clear last night because I did not read the description where it says green. Thanks for sharing your recipe and I’m glad I could take a photo of it for you.

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Charlotte J August 09, 2005
Creme De Menthe Cake