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Delicious, easy, and versatile! Lots of recipes here for using it, too. I have never made or bought this so have nothing to compare it to. I heated to about 95 degrees Farenheit on low heat--did not take long so watch thermometer carefully. I let the mixture sit on my counter about 20 hours and was similar to rice cereal you would give an 8 month old baby, then I refrigerated. It never got as thick as yogurt and maybe that is correct like I said I have no experience here-am a learner. I needed creme fraiche or crema mexicana for Creamy Lime Pie (Rick Bayless) so this worked out great. Congratulations to appleydapply for TOP (Tagging Out a Player) in Top Favorites of 2008 Game!

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WiGal March 27, 2009
Crema Mexicana