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Oh, this is soooo good!! It's creamy, but not heavy at all, nice and light! First off, my apologies to the recipe author for fiddling with the ingredients, including one main ingredient which is in the recipe name---I had leftover turkey from Thanksgiving dinner, but we didn't have a smoked turkey, just a regularly roasted bird. Next time I will try the recipe with either smoked turkey, or I think smoked duck breast sounds incredible. Thank you for posting, Pie! I added a bay leaf to step #1 and I thought mushrooms would go well in this, so in they went (also at step #1). Instead of chicken broth, I used homemade turkey stock, which I'd made from Rescued Turkey Stock, Rescued Turkey Stock. Other than those changes, I remained true to the original ingredient list, so as to be able to give a fair review. I will make this again and again! I chose it because I remembered having a Cream of Wild Rice Soup, with either chicken or turkey, in a restaurant some time ago, and it left such an impression, I was looking to recreate the feeling. There are white caps on Lake Washington today, it's a blustery, wet day, and this soup is a perfect remedy! I will post updated reviews when I try making the recipe with smoked turkey or duck.

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bikerchick November 27, 2004

This soup was excellent! I used Rescued Turkey Stock (#24576) as the base and added mushrooms and bay leaves. Very rich taste that is heart warming and nicely filling on a cold day. I will absolutely make this again! Now I can't wait for that leftover turkey carcass - I now know what to do with it!

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LaurelAnn October 29, 2009

This was a great soup!! It was so good and I'm sure we'll be making this again, especially for OAMC. Our first batch held up great in the freezer. I took someone's advice and added a bunch of extra veggies I had left over in the freezer from a Christmas veggie tray. This recipe is really good for right after the holidays with all the leftovers. I added celery, a little broccoli, some red peppers, and mushrooms. The sherry in this recipe really does give it that extra boost, even though all I had in my pantry was the icky cooking sherry. I also used frozen turkey stock instead, and that was REALLY good...Thanks for the recipe!!

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enestvmel January 17, 2009

Just finished simmering this soup on the stove... and had to review it as I enjoyed my first bowl! Yes, I said my first because it is sooooo yummy that I will definately have to have another one! Very rich and creamy, as another reviewer said, but not at all heavy in taste or texture. I did not have any green onions on hand so I used some celery instead. I also used some wild rice that I had in the freezer and it turned out well. This is a must try recipe with all that leftover Thanksgiving turkey we all have right now. So different from a typical soup or stew, but yet it is just so comforting!!!

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atlfitgirl November 24, 2006

Very Good- I used my leftover turkey legs from Christmas that have been taking up freezer space. I didn't have onions, so added sugar snap peas, and it worked out ok. Added a little color. I used 1/2 cup wild rice and 1/2 cup brown rice. And I grated the carrots so nobody could pick them out!

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didyb February 21, 2006

Very good! Added celery, mushrooms, wild rice and brown rice, and a chunk of smoked turkey from the deli that I cubed. Cooked it all in the crockpot. Cooked all day and added the milk mixture and sherry at the end. Everyone loved it! Smelled wonderful and tasted great with a little toasted rye bread! Had to add more sherry and even then couldn't really taste it, but was still very delicious.

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food snob mom January 14, 2012

UPDATE: I've made this a ton of times - using "Rescued Turkey Stock" from this site. I do think that all of the milk dilutes the great flavor of the 'real' turkey stock - so next time will REDUCE the milk / flour mixture. Also, one time used THYME instead of Rosemary. Rosemary by far is better in this soup. Also added celery to both recipes. GO for the rosemary. YUM. Good for the first snow of the season....

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Gidget265 December 27, 2011

It was a very good soup! I added a frozen bag of soup vegetables to bump up the veggies and thus the nutritional value. It was a hit with my family.

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wendylynn50 January 20, 2011

Used homemade turkey broth and in lieu of the milk and flour I used 2 cups whipping cream that was sooo close to expiring plus some milk with some flour. Left the pot on to keep warm and the wild rice behaved just like barley absorbing all the liquid but still very good

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karen in tbay January 05, 2011
Creamy Wild-Rice Soup With Smoked Turkey