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This is a great soup mix. I basically have the same recipe minus the chicken. Friends and family love this.

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Beledi July 15, 2008

Great Idea! The soup is very good but I had to make a few changes. First.. the soup was SO thick that I had to add at least 2-1/2 cups of water more than what the recipe called for. .. and because of the extra water I used a little more boullion. Next time I'll try 3/4 cup of white rice instead of the full cup. My wild rice said to cook for 60 minutes, so I had to add more cooking time, too. Maybe there is a quick cooking wild rice out there? Also .. on the directions that is attached to the jar I would say to add the chicken at the very end just to heat it because it becomes stringy when added in the beginning. This is a great idea but I'm not sure how much money you can make as a fundraiser because this soup is not inexpensive to put together. When I went to purchase the celery flakes I noticed that the little jar cost almost $3. Taking a closer look at the tag I also noticed that it was $80 a pound!! I used dried soup greens instead which added some nice coloring to the dish. The soup greens had celery in it along with carrot, bell pepper and tomato. I think I'll add a little white pepper in my jar, too. I'll be making this for some of my own Christmas gifts to give to friends and coworkers. Thanks for a neat idea. I never thought of using the Country Gravy Mix as a soup base. This is a keeper for gift giving.

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luvmybge September 09, 2004
Creamy Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup in a Jar