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DH and I both thought the cream made a really great difference in this soup. <br/><br/>I didn't quite have the right ingredients on hand. I had smoked sausage that I browned in the Dutch oven, removed with a slotted spoon, then cooked the vegetables in the fat from the sausage (for 10 minutes). I added garlic at this point and cooked for a minute or so before deglazing the pan with some wine. I then followed the recipe exactly (except I only had two cans of white beans on hand). I was adjusting the seasoning (salt and pepper) and thought it could use "something". That thought disappeared when I added the cream. Perfection! <br/><br/>This recipe is a keeper!

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Aimee67 December 29, 2013

great soup with or without the sausage. i made it in two batches; one with and one without. both were excellent. the sausage batch did have a more complete and deep flavor, but the meatless one stood well on its own. easy recipe to follow; not terribly expensive either. the only change i made was to use light cream rather than the heavy whipping cream as that is what i had on hand. very nice soup; i did add the crushed red pepper. thanks for sharing.

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jennifer in new jersey February 08, 2007
Creamy White Bean & Italian Sausage Soup