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We all really liked this dish. Added dried onion flakes and salt and pepper to it to spice it up a bit. Also, by accident used the onion flavored cream cheese and it was delicious. Definite keeper!!I also used fresh vegetables and steamed them first al dente. Make sure the cream cheese is softened so that it mixes up well.Also, I like it creamy so I used a 12oz. bag of fresh veggies and one more thing that I like, I crush the croutons before I spread them on top! I wanted to add some changes that I've made now that I've made this a few times. I like my veggies crunchy, so I don't even cook the veggies first. I make my own flavored cream cheese because one day I couldn't find any flavored cream cheese. I soften up 8oz. of cream cheese, then I use a lemon zester and grate about 8 cloves of fresh garlic. I add salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and then whatever fresh herbs I have on hand. Dill is good, basil is good, whatever you have works well. I have also used other "cream of" soups, for instance, cream of celery, or cream of broccoli, and that works well too. The other change that I made was instead of using croutons on the top, I've been using the French's crispy fried onions. I cover the whole dish with these fried onions, and man oh man, does that turn out good. Try it!!

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Sauce Lover April 10, 2012

I had a 2 pound package of fresh broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots, and wanted something different to make with it. I cooked them in the microwave and drained them. I didn't have the seasoned cream cheese, so I softened a block of cream cheese and added parsley, onion powder, garlic powder, and seasoned salt. I also added a drained can of mushrooms. It baked up creamy and delicious! There was plenty of sauce for the 2 pounds of fresh veggies, and it doubled the amount of servings. I used light soup and cheese and it didn't taste light at all. Next time I'll plan ahead and make it correctly. This is a keeper. Thanks for posting!

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ColCadsMom November 14, 2007

My aunt made this last year for thanksgiving and we all wanted the recipe. I am so glad it is posted here on recipezaar.

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chris_tam October 18, 2007

Even people that typically pass on the vegetables love this! It is easy to prepare ahead and take with you to bake anywhere.

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LuvCookin March 03, 2007

We were invited to dinner at a friends house and she served this vegetable dish. It was truly fabulous! It is so rich and creamy flavored! I'm glad I found this...will be adding it to my cookbook right away!

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~Paula~ October 10, 2005
Creamy Vegetable Casserole