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I used light coconut milk, 2 bananas and 2 spoons of curd to make it thicker. The consitency after the icecream machine had worked with it for 20 minutes was very soft but i but it in the freezer and took it out 15 minutes before serving the night after. It was just perfect! We put some chocolate sauce ver it and served with fresh blondies. Thank you for this great recipe, from now on i am going to use coconutmilk a lot in icecream making! Made for Ramadan Tag Game 2009

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Iceland September 10, 2009

Made & reviewed for Ramadan Tag 2009 in the NA*ME forum. I don't have an icecream maker but happily make frozen treats in the freezer anyway so decided to give this recipe a go. I mixed everything up (used the banana, apple juice sweetened soy milk - as that is all I had - and 1.5 tbsp of icing sugar for the sweetner) in the blender then poured it into a container & froze. Took it out after a couple of hours & mashed it all up with a fork, decided the banana had made it a bit of an unappetising colour so added a drop of red food colouring....then popped it back in the freezer until the evening. It needed to sit for 20 mins to soften up & then it was ready to eat. I served it with sprinkles for DD & desiccated coconut for DS plus a little banana candy each. DD wouldn't eat it - I've no idea why, could be she's just being silly as she's only 2! but DS loved it. DH & I thought it was really nice too & I'd be interested in the coconut only version. Thanks UmmBinat for a lovely recipe :)

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Um Safia August 24, 2009

This was really tasty and easy! What a great introduction to the world of ice cream making. Followed the recipe exactly, but used pecans rather than cashews. Thanks so much for sharing! Made for ZWT5 Groovy GastroGnomes.

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Az B June 01, 2009
Creamy Vanilla Coconut or Banana Ice Cream (Dairy & Soy Free