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Hi There, I think this soup is very very nice when it was made I asked DH to come and taste for seasoning, it was so funny he just looked at me and said THIS IS GOOD NO I MEAN REALLY REALLY GOOD, it was just the way he said it. The seasoning was on the spot and I loved the way it changed when you put the milk and b/s in. I split it in two lots and froze the other half for an other day. I have a feeling that I will be making it quite a lot. Sorry the picture could of been better but DH was rushing me. Very Inventive thank you for posting, Made for PAC Spring 2010

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Tea Jenny April 04, 2010

This recipe made a tasty soup that is healthful and easy to throw together. It's very similar to a higher-fat version from the deli counter at my grocer's, so I was pleased to find it here! I'll confess to an experiment with this: I divided the cooking day concentrate into 2 parts, made half as directed and the other part added half & half instead of skim milk...mmmmm. Since I cook for two at home (usually), what I have is a great light lunch option and a delicious creamy dinner soup as well. Thanks again, Rottmom! Made for PAC Fall 09

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East Wind Goddess September 08, 2009
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (Oamc)