Creamy Stroganoff Supreme

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Total Time
1hr 5mins
15 mins
50 mins

This is a recipie that I have been making for a while now. It's great comfort food. I use lots of meat and go easy on the salt. My whole family raves about it.

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  1. In skillet, brown meat in butter.
  2. Stir in beef broth, onion, mushrooms, salt and pepper.
  3. Cover and simmer for about 45 minutes.
  4. Blend 1/2 cup water into about 3-4 tbs of flour until smooth; slowly add to sauce.
  5. Repeat until consistancy desired is achieved.
  6. Stir constantly until thickened.
  7. Slowly stir in sour cream; heat.
  8. I serve this over hot egg noodles with another dollop of sour cream on top.