Creamy Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by Demandy

Deb Murray's recipe.

Top Review by SuperGaijin

Let me first say this recipe is great - smooth, creamy mac and cheese awaits you! However, if you own an electronic rice cooker be very careful about your liquid substitutions and how much you make.

The first time I made this I doubled it (my cooker is large) and used milk - and created an awful mess in the process. It boiled over and got chunks of curdled milk in between the insert and the rice cooker. To this day I still have burnt milk I can't clean up. I will also note that if using milk (I used 2%) there will be little chunks of milk curdle in the mac and cheese. Blech.

I made this tonight and followed the recipe to a T. I still doubled it, but no curdled milk mess. Of course it isn't the healthiest mac and cheese but it's quite tasty!

Unless you know your rice cooker well and know how to cook non-rice items, proceed with caution!

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  1. Place pasta and liquids into rice cooker. Close lid and press cook.
  2. When pasta goes to keep warm, add the other ingredients, stir with paddle. Close lid and keep on warm till ready to serve. Stays terrific for hours.
  3. If larger serving is desired, go ahead and double or triple recipe…however, when adding the cheese, you may need to add an additional 1/2 cup of liquid if the pasta is not cooked enough, then press cook again.

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