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Oh. My. GOSH! This pesto is not only fast and easy...it is absolutely WONDERFUL! This is the first time my hubby actually rated the recipe before I asked him--He said, (and I quote) "5 stars! Did you get this on the internet? This is the best pasta I have ever tried!" I had to agree! I made this with fresh torelloni pasta, and half and half. I can't believe something this good only took 15 minutes to make! Start to finish. (hubby is already asking when I am going to make it again...) THANK YOU! This will be a regular in our house.

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canarygirl October 03, 2002

Excellent!!This is so quick and easy to make and tastes wonderful.. I served it with prosciutto wrapped lamb fillets for a fab meal. We love pesto in our family and the addition of the cream is yummo, it makes for a really lovely sauce. I have saved this one to make again and again as I will look forward to trying this not only with other meats but also pasta.

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The Flying Chef March 30, 2009
Creamy Pesto Sauce for Lorac OOPs I mean Lamb