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OH MY. This is spectacular!!! I am going to invest in smaller ramekins so 1. each batch will serve more people because this is worthy of special occasions. and 2. for smaller portions because it is very rich & the kids couldn't finish theirs which disturbed me because it was sooooo good. A HUGE thumbs up on this one. And it is NOT difficult, so nobody be afeard of the word 'flan,' lol. Oh, I sprayed the ramekins with oil. They slipped right out. I couldn't get decent arugula, so you see romaine & radicchio in the photo. Made for Photoless Chefs 6/08.

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Elmotoo June 16, 2008

these are easy to make and very good to eat :) I was surprised by the texture, which wasnt "quichie" but still creamy. I filled my pan with hot water, and they were cooked, (and starting to brown) in 15 mins. all stoves are different, and I did use metal molds, next time I would lower the heat, and cook them slower, as I think if I hadnt checked them they would have been omellettes :) made for aussie swap june '09

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mummamills June 06, 2009
Creamy Parmesan Flans