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For best results, dressing should be prepared several hours in advance. I felt something was missing from this recipe but what I don't know. I added a little bit of finely grated orange, lime and lemon zest and that seemed to help. Drizzled lightly on a variety of mixed greens. Rita's suggestion of grated ginger does sound like a possibility for the next time. Reviewed for Veg Forum.

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COOKGIRl January 07, 2011

Excellent! I love the way the orange gave this dressing freshness. I did add some fresh grated ginger for a little kick. The avocado gives this a nice creaminess making up for the little amount of olive oil in this dressing. This is a guilt free dressing. I tend to use no more then 1 tablespoon on my salads but this I am more generous. ;)

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Rita~ September 16, 2010

Nice dressing! I added a little Stevia to sweeten it up and some lemon pepper for a little more zing. My avocado was probably a bit too big, so I added extra water and orange juice to thin it out. So glad I finally made this!!!

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JanuaryBride August 30, 2011
Creamy Orange Dressing (Raw Vegan)