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This stew is just delicious. Very hearty and creamy, and full of flavor. I mixed in some frozen peas at the end instead of corn, and instead of salt I seasoned it with Maggi seasoning, which gave it a nice umami flavor. The meat came out super-tender as well, so this recipe is a real keeper.

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rpgaymer February 17, 2014

This stew is so very yummy and creamy...at first I didn't want to babysit my stew...but I grabbed a book and enjoyed my timer going off every 5 mins...I did that for the 1st half hour the last half I set the timer for every 10 mins...you really do need to make sure you scrape up all the good stuff on the bottom of the pot...btw...I used a wide bottom pot so the meat would brown nice and crispy...which it did...my meat did absorb all the oil so when I put in the rest of the flour and the onions...it turned to mush...it didn't want to brown...so I just went to step 6 and the next thing I knew I had this nice thick creamy tasty stuff...I cut my potatoes in chunks and they were perfect after cooking for 45 mins...I still scraped up the bits and pieces off the bottom of the pot...I had some mushrooms that needed to be used up so I threw them in for the last 10 mins...I decided against the corn...althou the corn would have given it a nice additional color...and probably flavor...I did add some extra salt and pepper...Oh! almost forgot...the meat turned out so tender...thanks for posting this...it's a keeper =)

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teresas July 09, 2013
Creamy New York Strip Stew