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Delicious--this is the best way I've had turkey the second time around. Thanks Evelyn for posting this keeper.

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ellie_ December 02, 2003

This was great. I had some leftover sliced garlic pepper beef that I used. Left out the egg yokes and added some maggie seasoning. Great flavor, we loved it. I will definitly make this next time I have leftover meat. Thank you for saving me from a drab leftover night.

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TTFN, Dorie September 25, 2007

An appealing way to serve leftovers! We all thought this was wonderful, and especially enjoyed the dumplings. I used oregano in them as indicated in the ingredient list, although the directions say rosemary. I really liked it that way. Also, I used whole milk instead of cream; the broth was still rich and creamy. I will definitely make this again and purpose to have leftover chicken just for this recipe! Thank you!

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Kaarin October 30, 2006

Excellent! I halved the recipe & did not use the egg yolk as I finished cooking it in the oven later during the day. I used leftover chicken. The addition of the wine is one of the ingredients that puts this recipe over the top.Great recipe Evelyn I will be making this often.

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Kit^..^ty Of Canada March 30, 2006

While I found this difficult to simmer without boiling, I did manage to get it done. I made 1/2 the recipe, and in an attempt to lower the saturated fat, used olive oil rather than butter and skim milk rather than cream. It was still rich, luscious and much loved by my hubby. Any recipe that can do that is a winner in my book.

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sugarpea January 16, 2006

This is an excellent recipe. I found it whilst surfing the web to get some inspiration for using up some left over turkey on a cold November morning in London (UK). We all loved it, including my two fussy sons. I did make some ammendments to the origional (I'm afraid I find it impossible to follow a recipe!). I added smoked bacon and garlic and decided not to cook the dish with the egg yolks, but to do it in a more tradiionally french way. I added the egg as it was going to the table (as if making blanquette de veau) and that ensured there was no danger of the dish curdling. I think it might work well too with scone based dumplings and I wonder if it actually does need the egg. Whatever, this a lovely dish and I shall make it again. As for the guy who claims not to like onions (quelle horreur!), try what I do with English friends who claim not to like garlic - just don't tell them it's there - no one ever notices!

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sugel December 01, 2005

Thank you for an awesome recipe! This was yummy and definitely a keeper. Is a comfort food and will be a winter favorite for us. Full of flavor. My husband and 5 year old absolutely loved it.

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SReiff April 09, 2005

This turned out really well. I had to make some substitutions. Instead of onions I used some fresh mushrooms and asparagus that I had in my vegetable drawer, plus some leftover cooked potato. (My husband won't eat onions.) I didn't have white wine so I used some sherry. Used fresh rosemary as it grows in my yard. Pay attention to the heat once you add the cream. I didn't have it low enough and it separated. Evelyn warns you I should have paid more attention. Except for the heat -- this is a very flexible recipe.

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quixoposto March 03, 2005
Creamy Meat and Vegetable Pot Pie With Herbed Dumplings