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WOW! During the week I do professional work, but on Saturdays I still do the weekend manager job at a mom 'n pop fast food joint where we also do catering. Today, the owner of the business came back from a catering event with about 20 lbs. of "leftover" mashed potatoes. I brought about 5 lbs. home all the while wondering what the heck I as going to do with that much. I had visions of a weeks worth of latke rip-offs, potato cakes, and, well, whatever I could come up with. Then, viola, here was this review. I tripled the recipe(considering the amount of potatoes I had on hand), and it's an absolute winner! I'll have no trouble finishing off all these mashed potatoes with this recipe all by myself. Thank you for the "original" recipe, and Barenaked Chef thank you for the reveiw, otherwise I don't think I'd have put so many mashed potatoes to good use.

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DEEP May 08, 2010

Oh am I bad. I spent too much time looking at recipes and didn't have time to cook up potatoes so I had to use instant. These were so good. Thanks for posting this recipe. Made for I Recommend Red White & Blue.

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Catnip46 July 19, 2011

These are so good and easy to make! DH and I love mashed potatoes so these were perfect. Made as written with yukon gold potatoes and they came out creamy and delicious! Made for I Recommend Tag.

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AZPARZYCH July 07, 2011

Oh yum, yum, yum, this is sooo good! The french fried onions, taters and cheese go so well together and I loved the little surprise layer on the inside. Mmmm, a creamy, cheesy, crunchy delight! :)
I used light sour cream and low-fat milk in the mashed potatoes and doubled the garlic powder, but other than that stuck to your recipe and everyone enjoyed it a lot.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this keeper with us, Lorrie!
Made and reviewed for I Recommend Tag Game May 2011.

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Lalaloula May 14, 2011

This is so good! And an excellent way to use up leftover mashed potatoes! I made mine with instant and it still turned out delicious, creamy and tangy. Will put this in my regular line up!

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Barenaked Chef May 06, 2010

I made mine slightly different (I didn't have sour cream :( Its a very bad snowy day so the store was out of the question so I made it with homemade chiken soup instead of the milk and sour cream.. I know major difference my kids loved it I have a ton of potatoes to use so as soon as the snow fades away I will head to the store and get some sour cream.. my time was different as I mashed the potatoes from scratch.. Def a keeper in my favs for sure and I havn'e even started the sour cream version yet xx Thank you xx

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Fiona #2 February 24, 2010

Nice dinner enjoyed by all. Only thing I changed I guess is that I used fat free sour cream. Real simple down at home recipe. Thanks for the post. Made for 1-2-3 hit wonders.

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weekend cooker August 10, 2009

I made this mashed potato bake for our Easter dinner today Lorrie. I made it the day b/f and then baked it for an hour and 1/2 till heated thru. I should mention that I doubled this recipe to serve 7. 5 men and two women and this was more than enough for all. I love the added french fried onion w/cheese. Thanks alot for a great winning recipe that was liked by all. Made for PhotoTag~

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CoffeeB April 12, 2009
Creamy Mashed Potato Bake