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Made this a few weeks ago ... sorry, just got around to the review. Made it for a potluck luncheon.

Turned out perfect. Two changes, I added a extra sharp WHITE cheddar, but that really didn't change the flavor, just the color. And, a few fresh bread crumbs as a topping. But again, it didn't change the flavor of the dish. Just a little crunchy topping.

It was creamy, easy and delicious. I honestly prefer mine NOT as creamy, but that is my personal recipe; however, I have found a creamier mac and cheese is preferred and this is very very good. I would make this any time. The first time I added some bacon, because my friend asked me too. That was equally as good.

There is only one thing I might try. Mom always added just a bit of mustard for a little tang. Next time I might try just a bit of mustard in the sauce.

But, a fantastic recipe and very easy to make.
NOTE: to new cooks ... make sure to use a quality cheese and shred it yourself. Pre-shredded have chemicals in it to prevent molding and for preserving. Fresh grating cheese is the key.

Also, when adding cheese to your sauce ... remove from the heat, and add a little at a time until creamy. Add to HOT HOT sauce and too much at once can cause it to separate and get grainy. And then don't bring back to a boil. It is already melted, keep on medium low heat.

GREAT recipe!

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SarasotaCook December 12, 2011

This is the creamiest macaroni and cheese I have found. Many people said this was the best macaroni and cheese they had ever had. I followed the ingredients exactly except I excluded cayenne pepper because I had none on hand. I will definitely add it in the future. The first time I cooked it I did not thicken the sauce very long which I think added to the creaminess.

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New England Chef June 02, 2011

Made this for a bunch of hungry firefighters to go with roast beef sandwiches and they loved it. My only change was to use processed cheese loaf (Velveeta) for some of the cheddar to cut costs. This was creamy and held well while waiting for the dinner to begin. Will definitely make again!

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Journey 88 June 26, 2010

Wow! I love a creamy baked mac and cheese, and so many you eat at pot luck dinners are dry and tasteless Not this one. I made it exactly as directed, except I did put in about 1 tsp of spicy brown mustard when I added the cheeses. .I also put some buttered panko bread crumbs on top before baking. This is "my" signature mac and cheese from now on. Full of flavor. Can't say enough good things about it.

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Chris #5 December 20, 2014

AMAZING!!! Cant get enough!

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alisongizowski September 19, 2014

This recipe is absolutely fantastic, and it has made its way into my regular rotation. I'm a huge fan of baked macaroni and cheese, but I'm also hugely critical of it. Most of the time the recipes I try are dried out, crispy on the top, never creamy enough. This recipe has absolutely none of those problems. Thick, creamy, cheesy, moist....it's almost perfect.<br/><br/>I made a few personal changes to this by using rotini instead of macaroni, and adding in tons of steamed broccoli and cauliflower to add some vegetables into our meal. I also put three scoops of nutritional yeast for added vitamins without distracting from the hearty, cheesy flavour of this dish.<br/><br/>I HIGHLY recommend this to any cheese lover. It's a dream come true and we will be cooking it for many years to come.

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OutRAGme_985 January 24, 2014

I followed this recipe for the most part but improvised a little. I didn't have any half and half so I used a can of evaporated milk instead. I also added a little more cayenne pepper and used about twice as much garlic as the recipe called for. It turned out great. I like the creaminess of the sauce. Love this website and don't think I have ever found a bad recipe on here!!

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luvbeagles65 January 28, 2013

I am a huge macaroni and cheese fan, and I had high hopes for this recipe as it sounded and looked extremely good; however, I am completely disappointed. Despite putting a lot of sharp and extra sharp cheese in it, it was utterly tasteless. I tasted more of the macaroni than I did everything else. When cooking it, the sauce never turned into a sauce, but looked more like a paste, and it came out of the oven the same way. I couldn't even finish it at the end of the meal.

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giggles_47 September 22, 2012

I loved this recipe and have made it a few times. I have always received lots of compliments. The most recent time that I made the recipe I decided to change it up a bit. I used three cups of whole milk and 1 cup of heavy cream (leaving out the half and half) and I also used 1/4 tsp dry mustard and all mild cheddar cheese and just a few ounces of american cheese (real cheese not processed cheese product). With these changes, it was truly amazing!!! I believe the half and half gives it a little different flavor that I was not crazy about and the addition of the american cheese makes it even more creamy and easier to reheat. Either way, the original recipe is very good and always a crowd pleaser!!!

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vkline326 June 17, 2012

Perfect mac and cheese. My standard recipe for all holiday gatherings with my in-laws. I could eat this out of the pan without ever putting it in the oven. My only additions are a dash of freshly grated nutmeg and about 4 ounces of velveeta added to the Cracker Barrel cheeses. The only mac and cheese that every family member will eat. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!

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ColCadsMom April 05, 2010
Creamy Macaroni and Cheese