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Stellar! Easy enough for everyday, but was like a restaurant meal, and would be very good for company. I was told many times that it was "really good" and definitely one to keep and make again. I don't often get unsolicited comments like that. I used bay scallops (very cheap). Since they are about the size of raspberries, I just pushed my greens out to the edges of my pan and cooked the scallops in the middle after the greens started to get wilty. These I just did on one side and then figured they'd cook through while we waited for the sauce, which worked fine (it's easy to overdo the small ones and they turn out like erasers). I used dried thyme and I used collard greens (ribs removed, cut into linguini ribbons) because they just looked better than the kale. I had some "Jasmati" rice which I made in my rice cooker with all the other stuff thrown in; the rice stays plenty warm in there while other stuff finishes if your timing is off. This would be a nice way to do rice for other meals, too. A truly excellent dinner. Thanks.

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Meredith C-ville April 01, 2010
Creamy Lemony Scallops, over Kale and Jasmine Rice