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Great recipe. DH loved this. I have been looking for a recipe for lasagna that didn't use cottage cheese or ricotta cheese. DH just doesn't like the texture of these cheese, I think it is a mind thing. He loved this made with the cream cheese and sour cream. I only wanted the one casserole, so I halved the recipe and it worked just fine. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Jellyqueen January 27, 2004

This was a delicious recipe! I really enjoyed this. I did do a couple things differently, but nothing major - I sauteed fresh garlic with the beef instead of using garlic powder. I used roasted garlic tomato sauce and put in a generous sprinkling of cayenne, cause i like a bit of heat. Since I didn't have green onions, I was going to use fresh chives, but decided to use some dried Italian seasoning in the cheese mixture instead. I also sprinkled some on top for presentation. It was great! I didn't want to stop eating it!I could taste the cream cheese slightly in there, but it wasn't overpowering - I will definitely make this one again! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Roxanne J.R. April 25, 2010

When I made this for my family, my husband took one bite and raved about it, which is VERY rare! Everyone loved it. I only made one pan, to be sure we'd like it, and DH was a bit upset that there wasn't more for him to take to lunch the next day. Excellent recipe! Thanks!

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Aurora January 29, 2004
Creamy Lasagna Casserole