Creamy Hot Apples With Brown Sugar Crunch

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 3 mins

This makes a delicious healthy breakfast. You'll think that you are eating dessert. Recipe is from Hungry Girl.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Place sweetener, pudding mix, cornstarch, cinnamon, and salt in a microwave-safe medium-large bowl.
  2. Add 1/3 cup of cold water, and stir until blended. Place apple chunks in the bowl, and toss them in the liquid mixture.
  3. Cover the dish and microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.
  4. Allow it to thicken and cool for a few minutes before removing it from the microwave.
  5. Meanwhile, place the granola bar in a sealable plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin or can, until you have small crumbly pieces.
  6. Once apple mixture is cool enough to handle, stir in the granola pieces, and then devour immediately!
Most Helpful

We really enjoyed this! My apple was huge and I was able to double the recipe and share.Thanks for posting. Made for PRMR Tag.

Dreamer in Ontario February 18, 2010

Pretty yummy and easy to whip up - great dessert or to serve at brunch. I actulaa stirred the granola through the apple mix and added sultanas too . Made and enjoyed for ZWT 4

katew June 23, 2008

This makes a tasty, healthy and filling breakfast. It was simple to make and really hit the spot.

potions May 18, 2008