Creamy Green Bean Casserole

Total Time
5 mins
55 mins

This is my own version of Green Bean Casserole, It uses a different ingredient, but I think it's the best. I hope You will like it too :) This recipe is what I make for holidays, but you can certainly scale it down to suit the amount you want to make. It does make less than it seems though, especially if you use the French style green beans (not to mention how good left overs are). Exact measurements aren't really neccesary though so don't be afraid to make less or more. For one can beans I'd use 2oz cream cheese and 1/3 can of cream of chicken.

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  1. Heat over to 350°F and grease a 9x9 or whatever sized dish you want to use. I don't suggest a 9X13 but anything smaller will do.
  2. Drain green beans VERY well, and mix with softened cream cheese, the soup, a pinch of garlic powder and salt and pepper to your liking.
  3. Add 1/2 cup of the french friend onions.
  4. Pour into greased pan and cover loosely with foil. Bake for about 25 minutes Then remove cover and stir.
  5. Add remaining french fried onions to the top and bake uncovered for another 20 to 30 minutes Until it's bubbly and looks done.
  6. Cool for at least 5 minutes and enjoy! :).
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I had some canned green beans and a can of cream of chicken soup that I wanted to use, so I Googled for a recipe. I am so glad I found this one! I never made a green bean casserole before, but I made this one for our Christmas dinner. It did not last long. Everyone LOVED it! I made my french fried onions from scratch (sliced 1 raw into onion rings, soaked in milk about 5 or 10 minutes, dredged in flour then fried in hot oil til golden brown), then I just followed your recipe. I used garlic salt, a few shakes of seasoned salt and a bit of fresh ground black pepper for seasoning. I did not have the french cut green beans, just the regular cut, and they do just fine. It was delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe and making my first green bean casserole a big HIT!.

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I really liked this. I'm not a big fan of mushrooms so I hate that other green bean casserole that most people make. I used 2 cans of regular cut green beans, made my own cream chicken soup which came out to the same amt as 1/2 a can & then I used about 3 oz of cream cheese. I only baked for about 1/2 hour due to a time crunch. It tasted wonderful, next time I'll make sure I have the time to cook it the full amount, as it was just a wee bit too saucy.

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Very good green bean casserole! It's different from what we're use to but different is good!! I only used 2 cans of French cut green beans because we like our's a bit saucy. Other than that I followed the directions. I think that it turned out perfect. Loved the cream cheese addition. Thanks so much for posting!