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Absolutely fantastic! I loved this soup! I could hardly believe that so few ingredients could make a soup this wonderful so quickly. Will definitely be making this again and again. I never know what to do with celery root, and this recipe will now make me a loyal consumer!

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Wish I Could Cook September 11, 2012

I made this with coconut milk instead of soymilk, and threw in a basket of shitakes I had that needed to be used. Very aromatic and tasty. I would add that you should definitely remove the bay leaves before blending - they just didn't seem to blend and I wound up having to spit them out while I was eating. Might also soak the lentils the night before so as to remove some of their gaseous properties...

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Nati February 07, 2013

Excellent! So rich and creamy, it was a perfect meal with some crusty bread. Also, I love the idea of making extra and using it as a base for a "chicken" pot pie. Thanks for sharing this, it's a keeper.

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sunflower99 May 04, 2009

This was very tasty just the way it was. It is a thick soup/puree. I also tried it in a casserole as the other reviewer suggested, but we liked it on it's own much better. What a wonderful way to use celery root, which I often have a lot of at this time of year from our CSA. I'm never quite sure what to do with them, so this recipe is wonderful. I'm sure I'll make it again. Thanks for posting.

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VegSocialWorker March 25, 2009

I was expecting a thicker side dish, but this was quite soupy. It tasted good, but the colour was muddy from the lentils. The bay leaf added a nice flavour, and the texture of the celery root was very nice. I did not like it much as a "soup", however. This was a blessing in disguise - leftovers used as a base for a casserole instead of "cream of something soup" were EXCELLENT! Sauteed mushrooms, mixed with the reheated sauce and stirred into cooked egg noodles, then folded in a bit of vegan cheese. To die for! I will definitely make this recipe again and use it as an "ingredient". I am thinking of lentil-ly celery root-y scalloped sort of potatoes next ;) Thank you for a good recipe!

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DancesInGarden September 24, 2008
Creamy French Lentils With Celery Root and Garlic