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Very satisfying soup, and a pretty green color too. Made this for supper last night and my BF and I both had seconds. I included parmesan cheese and green onions for garnish. 1 large potato will produce 2 cups. I bought 2 instead and reduced the zucchini and yellow squash by a bit. I steamed vegetables for about 15 minutes and processed all the vegetables in a large food processor in a single batch, then added to the broth. I then added 1 cup of low-fat milk and a couple tablespoons of cream. This made a very thick and filling soup. I don't need to worry about sodium so I added quite a bit of salt. Nice way to get your kids to eat their vegetables, perhaps! Thanks Judedeva!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend November 16, 2005

The changes I made when I made it were simple ones. I used soy milk instead of regular milk. I used a Phillips stick blender which is a heavy duty blender to puree the soup instead of a food processor . I also used a rich roasted veggie broth. It was a five stars thick creamy soup. Since there were more than enough for us, when I used the left overs the next day I decided to experiment. I added some Durkee Gardening seasoning and a few drops of Liquid smoke. Wonderful. The tweaks added enough variation to a very good soup to create a 'different meal'. Adapted very easily so it would be easy make Vegan with the 'milk'

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drhousespcatcher February 17, 2006
Creamy Fall Soup