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This is unusual (for me) and very good. The one thing I would mention is that you might want to use some extra liquid if you prefer a looser risotto. When I took this off the heat, covered it to keep it warm, and got the dishes out on the table in less than 5 mins it had set up quite firmly. This doesn't bother me as I grew up thinking that it was supposed to be this way. One night I watched Hells Kitchen and learned that Chef Ramsey has a very different opinion,lol. If I wanted to make this for company I would use fresh lump crab meat but the 170g tin of crab in my pantry worked fine for me tonight and was, in fact, a treat for me as I very rarely have crab here in the land locked prairies.

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Annacia April 05, 2012
Creamy Crab Risotto