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Cilantro is my favorite thing in the whole world. The cilantro bunches in finland they sall are about 1/8 the size I use to get in cali and cost 1.50 as opposed to 50 cents, grrr. Guess I should just be happy I can still get any at all though. I followed the suggestion for the vegis to blend with not much broth but forgot by the time i got to the nuts so mine was a little chunky but still tasted amazing. I bet cashew butter (like penut butter but with cashews) would be even better in this soup so there is no chance of chunky nut bits. Guarantee you I wont find that here but if you have access to it I would recomend that (I miss you Trader Joe's!). Thanks Sandi!

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Wobin January 27, 2009
Creamy Coriander / Cilantro Soup