Creamy Cocoa Mix (Extra-Large Batch)

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

I like this cocoa for many reasons, only one of which is because it has a delightfully creamy texture. It makes an extra-large batch of cocoa mix, great for gift-giving or large groups. Running the powdered milk through the blender powders it, decreasing the odds that it will float to the top of the mix. The number of servings are approximate, as it will depend on how much mix you use per serving. I estimated at 2-tablespoons per serving. Adjust for personal taste.

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  1. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and blend with a whisk.
  2. Store in airtight container.
  3. Combine, to taste, with hot water or milk.
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Made this for christmas gifts..everyone loved it. I did change a couple of things. I used 1/2 Vanilla pudding and 1/2 milk chocolate pudding and also used chocolate flavored coffee creamer. Doubled it once..and then had to make another double batch. Sent some over to a friend in IRAQ and he shared it with his buddies..he got one cup and went back and there was no more left. I guess I'll be sending more that way. :) The kids loved it and the one comment I keep hearing back over and over is how creamy it is. Thanks for posting.

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The kids love it. I cut the recipe down to an eighth to test it out, left out the non dairy creamer and doubled the milk powder instead, ( we use non fat milk powder anyway). I added a large handful of hersheys semi sweet choc chips to the mix for the sake of it! hehehe I won't be buying hot chocolate from the supermarket anymore..thanks so much... Allie

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I think this is my favorite cocoa mix. The pudding gives it a thickness and creaminess that is sometimes lacking in other recipes. It's also not overly sweet, which is a good thing for me--it lets the cocoa flavor shine through. Thanks!